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[Editor’s Note: It’s been a while since someone wrote me wanting to share a kit they’ve worked so hard on and recently I’ve two people did just that. Mr. Uncle’s HG Barbatos shows some really solid skills so I’m glad he wanted to share it with me. I’ve been admiring the images for over a month now and finally get a chance to post them now that I’ve finished the builds and reviews of the two big recent release. Enjoy!]

I am Mr.Uncle, a modeler(still a beginner) an anime figure and gundam collector from Philippines. It’s only been three years since I started to collect figures and gundam kits. I joined a local group here in my country to showcase my kits whenever there is a display event and of course to meet some other co-enthusiast in this kind of hobby. This kit, the 1/144 Barbatos (custom named Zepar Berserker), is my first modified kit since I started to collect kits and also its my first time to fully modified a gundam kit. My 1/144 Barbatos is an entry for our local build-off last year December 2016.

What I did in this kit was I custom painted it using air brush and hand painted some small details, for the other parts I scratch-build the parts like the chest unit, shoulder unit, the head unit armor, booster pack unit, dual sword, knee armor, and the side skirt rail gun. Also some parts was modified to add some details to improve the mobility of the Gundam unit. The theme of my Barbatos was based on appearance of Zepar which is a demon clothed in red armor and with an appearance of a human knight.

“My mindset whenever I join a build-off or just building kits is not to win/recognize but to enjoy the process and to showcase my work without thinking that I should win/recognize by people.”

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  1. Stellar work… and you’re a beginner? Wow. I’m equal parts envious and inspired. Hoping to see more of your work, Mr. Uncle.

    • Mr.Uncle says:

      Thank you very much! Yes Im still a beginner I need to learn a lot in this kind of hobby :). I will do my best to my future works and try to share my work here again :D!

      • Nice. Guess I’ll be calling myself an “ultra-beginner”. Haha! Farthest I’ve come to customization is paint an HG Io Frame Shiden’s weapons with Gunmetal. XD

  2. Vae says:

    I’m really digging the head. Nice shading, too !

  3. BNuts says:

    Those are scratch-build parts?!
    Please, share some of your wisdom?

    • Mr.Uncle says:

      Yea those are scratch-build, I didn’t even know how did I ended up building that kit hahaha just kidding, all I can share is just enjoy the hobby hehe 🙂

  4. Frankon says:

    I really dig the design. It reminds me of Dunbine… so bug like.

  5. Mr.Uncle says:

    Thank you very much Sir Syd for appreciating my work! 😀

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