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[Just a reminder that we are approaching the end of April and the giving away of two cool kits in the Donate And Win campaign. If you’ve already donated I want to express again my gratitude. If you haven’t there is still some time to get in on the chance of getting some cool plamo.]

While everyone has been focused on the Atlas Gundam another kit dropped the same day. It’s none other than the HG Gundam Bael from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

With so much good stuff releasing all at the same time someone had to get moved to the back of the line. Despite having my fill of Barbatos this kit looks different enough that I had to give it a try.

You’ve got two frame runners in this kit.

The larger one is… (drum roll)

But the smaller one is… (drum roll)

Okay. Some new parts for the frame there. The armour, however, is all new!

And you’ve got PC parts and stickers to round it all off.

None of this should surprise anyone.

But he’s got a unique chest.

Which uses stickers in some areas.

The side armour parts feature a different connection from that seen on the Lupus Rex.

Those were heart-shaped. These are… crushed heart shaped?


The face part of the head fits into the armour for the sides in a way that makes you think it may move.

But it doesn’t.

Add some oddly-shaped stickers to each end of your V-fin.

Then you can complete the head.

For the shoulders you need to put this pink sticker onto this not so sticker-user-friendly yellow part.

Try to fold those edges down around the piece.

Cover that with a white part and adding the blue piece at this stage.

Despite my concerns about getting the sticker on it looks pretty good once it’s covered up.

Shoulder frame.

Slot that into the underside of the shoulder armour assembly.

Build your arm.

IBO Bendy.

Upper body complete!

Bring on the high heels!

Prepare the front foot.

Once the poly-cap is in place drop the large white part over top and then insert a smaller white part.

So what makes that smaller white part stay in place?

Friction, I suppose.


Add your knee-cap.

You will need some sticker work on the armour part.

You’ll need to sticker the white part for the back of the leg.

I like the bulkiness of the foot.

You’ve got a new part for that skirt frame.

It will connect with this white part.

You’ll need your sticker skills here too.

The front skirts are one piece.

And now they’re not.

Not long after doing this, I regretted it. The connection for those is loose so now that they are separate they pop off all the time. Doh!

Side skirts.

I do like the look of this lower body more than that of the Barbatos.

You have an interesting contraption on the back of the skirt.

This is where the swords go.

It plugs in to the back.

Now for the new backpack and their wings.

The first step this section.

On the larger white part you’ll clip on some frame pieces.

More stickers!

Let’s clip on the end of the wing here.

Overlay the blue piece.

Attach that first section you assembled.

Build the wing for the other side and connect them to the backpack.

Being narrow gives the wings a very elongated look.


I forgot a sticker…

It looks like a worm.

The wormy Bael.

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  1. BNuts says:

    If you look at the newer Gallerhorn logo, that horn’s being blown by the lion on the left side.

    This seems like a simple, beginner’s kit. Would it replace any Barbatos kits as a tool for learning, in your estimation?

    • David Nichols says:

      If anyone asked I’d probably still say the Barbatos line (for showing consistency in design of kits) or a handful of kits from the HGUC Revive line (for consistency and common gimmicks in modern kits). I’d only recommend Bael for practice working with small contact surfaces, as some of the connections for the armor are notably smaller than some of the other IBOs I’ve done.

  2. Axyll says:

    Just picked up the 1/100 of this guy. Actually got a first run too, comes with a nice bonus stand and a couple extra stickers.

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