Gaijin Gunpla

So three weeks ago I climbed on an airplane and flew away from the place I’d called home for more than twelve years. It was a big step, one I had done before, a little over twelve years ago, in fact. When I arrived in Japan I had only one suitcase and my backpack (which was full of CDs because there was no way I was going to risk losing my collection). This time I left with my suitcase, my backpack (which was full of notebooks containing all the notes I’d taken after each class at the dojo. Twelve years worth!). Everything else is packed up and will be shipped by boat at some point once I find my end destination.

That means I couldn’t take any models with me (though I did bring in my tools).

So while I wait for my models to arrive (or I just can’t wait any longer and go out and buy one or two) I’ve been taking it easy and seeing some sights with my family.

For example, I saw this thing!

It’s pretty cool. You could total kit-bash one using parts from the Qubeley.

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Hey Syd,

    it’s been a while glad to hear from you again!!!

    I’ve been to Australia some 15 years ago. It’s an amazing country, so huge and different from every other place on earth! Hope you’ll enjoy your time there. Best of luck for your new life!

  2. Takoya says:

    Ha, hello from Queensland! Australia is one of the last place I would’ve guessed, but welcome! Which also means you can go to GBWC this August! Have fun, mate!

  3. Furys12 says:

    If your still in aus come to tas, beers on me.

  4. Marco Polo says:

    Great to hear your livin’ the life with the Fam, Syd. Just beware of the giant “nopes”, the tiny “nopes” and the “what the heck is that nopes”

    Seriously, the community appreciates all you’ve done for it, not just the reviews but all of the building tips and techniques.

  5. Yeet says:

    Will you be spending any time with Rhyan and the boys from hobbyco? If so I feel like I’ll be seeing you around sometime.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Syd,

    It is great to see your travels. It has not been the same since you left. I hope your family and you are having a great time travelling. Looking forward to more pictures!

  7. Danforth Vista says:

    So you’ll be staying there permanently?

  8. Ver.Fenrir. says:

    Welcome back Syd! Once a gunpla builder always a gunpla builder. LOL at you still thinking gunpla after seeing the opera house.

  9. Charlo says:

    Hi Syd!! Happy to hear you and your family are doing fine. Just have fun, be safe and keep us updated with your adventures 🙂

  10. Mei says:

    Hi Syd

    Welcome to Sydney! You must have heard the super loud thunder last night, if you are staying in the city. Make sure you go out for Vivid Sydney at night. You will love it here.

  11. BNuts says:

    It takes a gunpla builder to look at a building in a new land and see a kitbash.

  12. Hologen says:

    Does this mean that you’re leaving your family behind in Japan?

  13. YJ says:

    Melbourne > Sydney!

  14. AL says:

    Hi Syd, hope you are enjoying your adventure. I want to see the world too. But after seeing the sample images of the RG Unicorn and MG ZZ Ver. Ka, I may have to postpone my plan >.<

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