Gaijin Gunpla

I’m finally able to start assembling a kit again and the HGUC Barzam right away turns out to be a good way to get back into it.

These parts are what are used to start the torso. It looks a lot like what you’d see in an MG kit, doesn’t it. There are pegs onto which to attach arms and these pegs can move in and out which will greatly aid articulation.

Next you add the neck part and the collar.

Most HG kits would have you insert the neck part from below but on the Barzam you place it in on top and then secure it with the collar.

Now you’ll need these.

You’ll put together this little assembly as part of a larger one that makes up the lower part of the torso and skirt.

Frame parts go on either side of this assembly and then two black parts go on the bottom.

Now you have three small colour parts you need to work with.

This will fit onto the front black piece you just put on.

Next up, a yellow piece (with sticker attached) goes onto the large black part that makes up the front of the Barzam.

Now the frame assembly will fit into that black part from behind using a ball and socket connection.

Then you slide in the first section you assembled, the collar/upper torso.

With all sections in place you use a very large black part for the rear which seals everything in place.

Yellow parts then go on either side of the torso.

Now you’ve got two skirts to assemble.

And to plug in place.

With that done you’ve got a complete torso and also most of the skirt.

This is very different from what we’ve been seeing with HG kits for years where you would assemble the top half and then the bottom and join them together to give you a complete MS.

So now we’ve need a head to put on this interesting torso.

This will involve that tiny clear red mono-eye piece.

The manual indicates that it has to line up a specific way.

But the part is so small, and clear, that finding that little edge the manual highlights isn’t easy. And when you do find it lining that tiny part up to slide into the other small part also isn’t a simple thing. I think it probably took me five minutes and several heart stoppages as I dropped the part onto my carpeted floor.

Good thing about Gunplaing on carpet, the part doesn’t go very far. The bad thing, no audio clues about where it fell.

It was a frustrating process.

By the way, here is what all HG kits have written on the boxes now.

Those poor 8 year olds. They don’t know what they’re in for.

Plug that eye section onto some blue armour parts, add more blue, and then the yellow fin.

Let’s now give Barzam his head.

Gunpla is a good habit you aren’t able to kick.

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  1. BNuts says:

    Oh, the trials of hunting down stray transparent parts, a well-known part of the gunpla builder’s experience! I think the powerline covers from the RG Exia were still the most panic-inducing ones for me.

  2. Prime92 says:

    Welcome back 🙂

    • Limerick says:

      Welcome back syd! And Prime92, are you the one from youtube? If yes, good to see u in other platform as well

    • evora460 says:

      Prime92 if you are from youtube your videos are good but maybe you could improve you lighting in your videos.

  3. evora460 says:


  4. eNaKt says:

    Hey Syd! You should see the P-Bandai exclusives for July-August. They’re awesome!

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