Gaijin Gunpla

Normally I can get through an HG it in one or two sittings but the HGUC Barzam is not working that way. At first I was chalking that up to having much less time per build session but it’s looking more like this kit is more than your normal HG model.

I’ve got the torso and head done so appendages are next. This kit has you build the shoulders before the arms.

The shoulder assembly starts by using frame parts and more than you’d expect in an HG kit.

You then add a blue armour part to that frame section and add a smaller frame part to the end.

Now sandwich some black parts around there.

Then drop on the top piece.

With both shoulders done you get to do the right arm which also starts with quite a few frame parts.

Including two frame parts to make the cuff at the bottom of the arm.

Check out the swivel in the cuff.

Around that arm frame assembly add some blue parts.

The swivel is still there.

You have a small beam saber handle to clip onto the underside of an armour piece.

(Note: this image is number 9999 which means yet again I’ve taken 9999 pictures on this memory card and we are starting at 0001 again. If the counter in my head is correct, that is the 5th time. 50,000 images of Gunpla!)

That blue part then clips onto the side of the arm.

The armour for the upper arm is made up of one blue and one sandy yellow piece.

You can see the groove on the inside that goes on around the tab found on the frame.

Now you can attach the shoulder you’ve already assembled and choose one of two hands.


Repeat the process for the left arm.

Barzam! Now with arms!

Now to get to work on the legs. I wonder what’s in store there.

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s good to have you back man. 🙂

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    50k photos!
    That’s quite a bit of gunpla!!

  3. Unheard Echo says:

    First time posting, read through every review over the past several months. Having said that, I’m glad that you’re not permanently out of the game as this has been my favorite of the many English (and some non-English) language Gunpla sites I’ve read through.

    I honestly didn’t have any interest in the Barzam barring the appreciation for the color separation of the kit, once that information was available, but I might pick one up now having seen the construction detail and what I assume will be the solid poseability/playability of the finished product. Thanks for that.

    While I was sorely disappointed with the main Twilight Axis kits (thus far) being little more than a recolor and runner-addition, respectively, I’m glad that Bandai has shown there is still a forward march of progress (or at least the capability for such) with future HG releases. Looking forward to the GM/GM and green Origin Zaku II (why did it take so long for a recolor of the first Origin kit anyway?) in particular.

    • evora460 says:

      Yeah the Twilight Axis kits are extremely outdated. The Tristan is basically the Alex from 20 years ago so don’t buy that and the Zaku III Kai. On top of that the new Byarlant Isolde is not only P Bandai but also fairly old too.

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