Gaijin Gunpla

The HGUC Barzam build took four WIP posts? That seems like a lot. Yes, if you look at my building history you’ll usually see HG kits take me one or two build sessions but this guy took more partly because my life, and thus my schedule, has changed so much recently but also because the Barzam is a little bit more than your average HG kit.

All I had left to finish this guy off was the backpack and weapons.

Backpack is simple enough, like most HG backpacks that came before.

Fits on there nicely.

Interestingly, you can pop off this backpack and pop on that of the HG Mk-II Titans kit if you like.

Now for weapons.

That piece at the top there takes two stickers.

Add the gray parts at the front and the handle.

That handle looks like it should snap on but it didn’t and as a result is flopping around loosely.

Add one red part to the other side.

Now you are given a choice.

Short or long?

What’s the difference?

It seems the long one can clip onto the upper arm and secure the weapon better than the short one. I went with the short one for starters.

You can see where the longer end would clip on.

Now for the headpiece (much like that of the Mk-II).

It has its own sticker.

Putting on that sticker made me realize I missed one.

Um, where does it go?


On the back of the head! (Which is then completely covered by the head weapon).

Now for some beam saber handles.

Barzam, baby.

That was an appetizer. Next up, a full meal!

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  1. Carlos says:

    Hi Syd. Barzam isn’t exactly my very favorite mecha design. But I’ve found myself compelled to follow your posts on this build. I was perplexed at first but I eventually figured out what makes this such a cool model (apart from the Zeta Gundam connection, which is almost reason enough). It’s because of what seems to my eyes like excellent engineering on this kit. The way the parts fit together give it a sense of a functional mechanical inner frame and outer shell. The color distribution for the parts is great too. I was really looking forward to the Tristan but this more awkward mobile suit is clearly so much more solid and detailed. It’s worth getting this one just on the cleverness of the build alone. Bandai has been kicking butt in recent years with some of these newer 1/144 kits like the Revive and Origin lines. I really hope they release more Zeta Gundam era designs, like the Galbaldy Beta, or an updated Rick Dias. Anyways, thanks for posting this. You’re making want to get one.

  2. Jason says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with Bandai is when they put out a kit of an obscure MS they put the effort in to make it as close to perfect as they can because they probably won’t get another shot at it. For instance the MG Acguy and MG Turn A Gundam kits are two of my favorite kits on an engineering level. Both kits are so perfect there will never be a need for a version 2, 3, etc. to rectify sloppy designs like they had to do with the RX-78, Zaku, Gelgoog, Zeta, RX-178, etc. kits.

  3. Changingman72 says:

    Seeing this reminded me that I have a Barzam conversion kit for the RG Gundam MK II. Not enough time for Gunpla these days!

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