Gaijin Gunpla

Still finding ways to find time to get down to building. The new life is busy but the new HGUC Barzam is such a great kit when I’m unable to get back to it I miss it. Gunpla Affection.

This next part is my favourite part (usually) of any kit; the bottom half. I find that it is here, in the legs, that most parts are used and the engineering involved is on display. For the Barzam we are starting with two feet.

You plug a polycap into a frame part, which isn’t new, then attach a piece of the rear of the foot before adding the blue armour part found back there.

Next you drop that onto the bottom part of the front of the foot and then add the top.

Notice how the foot folds up nicely.

For the legs you assemble a knee joint using several frame parts.

Then, using two parts the likes of which we haven’t seen in an HG kit, you make the hip joints.

Check out what it can do.

Around that section of the leg you’ll sandwich the first armour parts.

At the bottom you’ll plug on the first lower leg armour part which also happens to be the biggest.

The ankle connection is the standard HG fare seeing a polycap plugged onto a small ball-jointed frame piece which will sit between the side leg armour parts.

Next you have some trim to add to the front of the leg.

On the outside of the lower leg you’ll add one yellow-ish part.

While the inside sees a part, though smaller, from the same runner.

Prepare the flap for the back of the leg.

Yes, that thruster looking part is on correctly.

You’ll add this along with another armour part to the back of the leg to finish everything off.

Repeat the process for the second leg.

It is when you plug these onto the body that you are told you also need to add stickers.

Small stickers.

Here is what we have so far.


I think there is still a backpack to go. Yes, I get to build even more of this great kit!

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  1. BNuts says:

    Here does Bandai, changing its definition of ‘HG’ on us again.

    Not complaining, though.

    Syd, have you looked at the Dantalion yet?

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