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Okay, my second move in six weeks is complete and just in time too! Before I left Japan I boxed up pretty much the entire contents (minus appliances) of a three bedroom apartment and shipped it to Australia. Those boxes arrived at the perfect time and I was able to redirect them to the new apartment. So I’m busy unpacking. Again. Just in a massive scale.

I found the MG Justice Gundam and my camera so I can get back to posting some WIPs.

I also now have three large boxes full of models, most unbuilt, so if I ever get good chunks of free time I have lots of great things to build and post about.

I’ll tease some of that stuff later. For now I’m here to write about the backpack for the Justice Gundam which, hidden away in the text in the manual, is designated the Fatum-00 unit.

Before building the backpack itself you are going to need the parts that will allow it to mount onto the Justice Gundam.

You construct this interesting setup but until we get a completed backpack to go on the Justice it is difficult to tell exactly how this will work.

For now, we move on to assembling two of these.

Once completed they will drop into slots in the large main part of the backpack.

You’ll close them in there by dropping a part on top.

Now to start adding trims and whatnot onto that large chunk of plastic.

As well as the mount adaptor.

Now for some weapons, specifically the GAI5 Volucris Guns

Lay that small part in there and then cover it up with some armour.

You’ll need a center stabilizer.

From here you move away from the main part of the Fatum to work on one of the sides.

You’ll sandwich these parts around the main section.

Now prepare a large armour part.

Followed by the M9M9 Cervus Turret Gun.

Make sure you pay attention to how these parts go together.

Now for some kind of propulsion system.

Adding the armour flaps you can see how they are designed to move.

Plug that into what you’ve assembled so far to see the full effect.

Another stabilizer is needed.

Now for more weaponry! It’s one of two MA-48 Fortis Beam Cannons and it starts like this.

Quite a few parts make up the Beam Cannon.

There is some movement there.

Now for a wing.

This is the base of it.

Here are the parts that make up that long wing.

One assembled it plugs into the side of the Fatum.

Despite the manual indicating the opposite I recommend plugging this piece into the Fatum first and then adding the wing assembly.

Now repeat the process for the wing and weapons on the other side.

And there it is. All ready to go. Somehow, though, I doubt my Justice will be able to stay up with this on so I am going to wait until I’ve got the stand built before attempting to put this huge thing on. I’ve got some weapons to build too so I’ll get those done while I’m building the stand.

That’s next.

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  1. BNuts says:

    Not that that doesn’t look cool, but why does an MS need wings? It’s far from the most aerodynamic form out there, so flying should be well beyond one’s capabilities. And more than a few are flight-capable without wings.

    And then there are things like base jobbers. How do those work? Not that mechs on hoverboards isn’t cool either.

    Would the Fatum like a word with the 00 Gundam? It seems it took its designation.

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