Gaijin Gunpla

Back with my favourite part of any kit, the legs. I was looking forward to these on the MG Justice Gundam. Part of my excitement was that I knew what would be coming having built them, for the most part, twice previously. Despite the excitement once I had finished putting these together I had to put everything back in the box in preparation for moving.


Resettling takes time.

But back to the Justice. Like the arms, you’re building both feet (and legs) at the same time.

There is a cool feature found on the bottom of the foot where you’ll see a little peg that is able to swing down.

I think I know what this is for.

Add the armour.

Then the parts that make up the ankle armour.

Bendy feet.

The legs feature the same frame as the Freedom so I’ll just show you the completed image.

You’ll add a new frame piece up top when you put on the upper thigh armour.

This piece will move as the knee bends.

New armour down below.

Then some new parts are added to the knee area.

What’s this thing?

You’ll find that on the back of the leg below the knee.

Add the white parts for the side of the legs.

There you go. Two sexy legs.

That gives us this so far.

The side skirts feature quite a cool design.

One area will open.

Ooh, what’s this for?

Look at this!

This appearance will change dramatically once the backpack/jetpack goes on.

That should be ready soon.

(It’s actually ready now but I have to find the box because it’s packed in with all the things we moved.)

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  1. Aaqib says:

    Lovely looking kit.
    Can not wait to see it with the back pack and weapons.
    Look forward to the next post !

  2. JG says:

    This kit looks awesome so far, I may have to add it to the queue. Kinda wondering how awkward it becomes once the Fatum unit is hooked up tho…

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