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Until now, while I was working for a company that received into its warehouse Gundam models two days before the street release date, my ‘First Look‘ posts where quite often the first look (in English anyways) at a particular model. Now that I am far from Japan and have to wait for the kit to ship to me using the term First Look may not be entirely accurate. However, I feel that for the sake of consistency here on Gaijin Gunpla I will continue to use First Look in the title of any unboxing post I do. So here is the first not-so First Look, the MG Justice Gundam

I’ll admit the Justice Gundam isn’t my favourite MS. The Real Grade version is one of my least favourite RGs, but the MG Freedom 2.0 and the MG Providence Gundam are both such fantastic kits that I have no problem giving the Justice Gundam a shot. It helps that the box art is pretty great. And it should have nice gimmicks in this new MG version of it.

The Providence surprised in how much came from the Freedom 2.0 and so I suspected more of the same this time around. Here are the new parts.

And here is what we saw in the 2.0.

Okay, this isn’t entirely accurate. In that white runner bag one of the white runners is definitely Freedom 2.0.

It’s the smaller runner with the shield parts.

And the larger runner is Justice.

And let us thank our lucky stars that Bandai sees fit to give us a nice stand with this kit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


And check the marking guide.

That’s a fair amount of markings.

Also in the box is a leaflet for what they are calling the Gundam Base Tokyo.

I’m guessing this it taking over for Gundam Front Tokyo. The leaflet states you can get almost any Gundam there and there will be Gentei! They have a metallic PG Red Frame!

But I just left Japan! Why, oh why?!

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  1. Md. Rafiuzzaman Bokhari says:

    Epic stand included? Must get now… ヽ(・ω・)ノ

    Have both the Freedom 2.0 and Providence in my backlog. Just finished the Sazabi Ver.ka (my first MG build). Had to get x2 action bases to do the funnel effect schtick… worth, but my wallet is crying.

    How would you say these standard MGs compare with a Ver.Ka? 🙂

    • Cloudrunner62 says:

      Sazabi Ver Ka is prolly one of the most complex MGs out there. Pretty much the pinnacle in terms of engineering. Depending on the kit, regular MGs can be a only a couple steps down in complexity to feeling like a nice HG compared to the big red beast that is Sazabi Ver Ka.

      • Md. Rafiuzzaman Bokhari says:

        I see, ty for the comparison. 🙂

        A bit let down by my Ver.Ka experience though, as I am beginning to realize the connector on the shield is not likely to be able to handle the test of time if attached to the arm without support; already showing unhealthy stress marks. 🙁

        That said, still epic though as I can just choose to ignore the shield. Sacrificed myself to the altar of P-Bandai to get the effect parts and mixed with dual 1/100 action bases they look pretty neat. 😀

  2. Perry Willis says:


    I have the 2.0 Freedom and the Providence so I guess I will have to complete the set and get this one too at some point. I have been checkIng the HLJ for new videos and was wondering why no new videos? I finally found out sorry I am slow to find out. I hate the fact that you are no longer with HLJ(possibly) I found my passion for Gunpla again by watching those videos with your review of the kits and your techniques on how to beginners like me to put together a Gunpla model kit from the video from the unboxing of The-O or the assembly of the PG Strike Freedom or the high-jinx with Ryan still waiting on the finished Millennium Falcon. I hope in my own selfishness that you will return to Gunpla Tv in the future. If not I still look forward to see what you going on your website. Also thank you for all the advice you helped me with

  3. Kaigame says:

    Having built Freedom and just finished Providence last week, i don’t think i’ll be going for Justice also, besides running out of space to put stuff i think if i do go for something else, it’s not going to be from Seed, Would still love to complete my Gundam Wing Set one day.

  4. eNaKt says:

    I am still farely new to gunpla, and so far, I have very little experience in painting. For painting, what should I use? Airbrush? Spray cans? Also, what company offers the best panel lining?

    Thank you

    • Kaigame says:

      I hand painted my Tallgeese, hated the amount of white on it so tried to get it closer to the series colours, it was my first paint job. it went well and for detailed small areas you’ll need to get the brush out methinks. I bought an airbrush(with cylinder) and painted my Seravee and the Wings on my Freedom 2.0, the result is so much better and uniform.

      Airbrushing is more expensive initially but the results are fantastic. for varnish i’m going to use floor cleaner on my next project, not sure what that will be yet 😀

      • eNaKt says:

        Thanks! Your answer’s very useful.

      • Limerick says:

        You cannot beat uniformity and shading of airbrush IMO, But for details you might want to use masking technique if you are not familiar with good ol’ brush. Tried spray cans, bursh and airbrush. The latter wins in uniformity, just look so smooth. The downside however you need to know lots of things: masking, paint mixing, etc. Choose whichever you are most comfortable with and scale from there.

  5. poixquared says:

    Wait what? you left Japan? Is this temporary Syd or you’ve left your job already and moved off-country?

    You were always my go-to source for first looks (and where our hobby shop gets its stocks from, it’s nice to see the person involved in handling our items, it’s kind of intimate but you get the point lol)

    • S2 says:

      Yes, I have left Japan after 12 years. Likely it will be permanent though I have many good friends in Japan I will need to get back and see as often as I can.

      • poixquared says:

        Thanks for the reply

        Wow must be hard…career change? I do hope you can keep the blog running. Good luck on your new adventures Syd!

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