Gaijin Gunpla

Does that title make sense? The MG Justice Gundam is the first MG version of this Mobile Suit but its design is taken from the Freedom 2.0 MG. Just how much is taken is the question. I plunged in ready to find out.

Note; if it is something we’ve seen before on the Freedom 2.0, and then the Providence, I likely won’t cover that part of the build in a lot of detail.

The pilot is different though so, hey!, there he is.

But other than that the frame for the torso is very, very familiar.

The first of the armour fits on similarly but is different in shape and colour.

And the collar, though a frame part, is from a new frame runner.

Note there are undergates in certain areas.

The manual shows which runner will have those.

It looks like it’s the G runner which is all the dark gray (I see black) parts.

You’ll need parts from there for the chest.

The cockpit door is comprised of a white part into which you’ll add the chest vulcans (I’m assuming that’s what those are).

Then you’ll complete that by laying on the top piece and the connector.

Into the black chest pieces you slide white trim parts.

Then add parts to the very bottom of the torso.

Then parts for the back.

Followed by coloured parts back there.

Seeing the torso on its own I can see the stylish design and sleek lines.

I like it.

But you can’t just drive a torso around. You need the head and you start that with the face and chin.

That diagram in the manual looks 1/1 scale.

Grab the frame part and the clear piece.

You’ve got stickers to add.

That back sticker actually bends around the clear part.

You won’t be able to determine how well you’ve placed that sticker until you’ve got the armour parts on.

I think I did okay.

Now you’ve got a certain prominent feature for Justice’s head to prepare.

Yes, the Unicorn horn.

You’ll need a sticker on there too and you’ll put that on there followed by the V fin.


The manual didn’t indicate there were undergates on the A runner.

Wait. Yes, it does. I’m sure I looked at that A runner graphic when I was assembling the torso.

See! No undergates mentioned.

I have thus determined that the undergate text isn’t to notify you of certain runners having undergates but to let you know, during the construction of the current section of kit, there will be parts coming off that runner which may have undergates.

Look twice, cut once.

There is that head we can’t mistake.

Changes the look of the torso as well. It looks much more stretched out when that head is attached.

Should stop. Want to keep going.

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  1. Dan says:

    Looking good!!

  2. Enkidurga says:

    Wow awesome looking head…. and yes the head antenna is now have a blue sticker, on rg antenna otherwise it doesnt have one

  3. Frankon says:

    Cant decide if i like its aesthetics over the RG. Will wait with the final opinion till Syd’s build progress some more.

    Btw Syd. If i got it right you are no longer in Japan and no longer working for HLJ, so the question is…. Any chance now for some 3rd party kits on the blog? Like the MG Testament Gundam or the newly announced Astray Out Frame?

  4. Hi Syd,

    I so wish I had a way to email or contact you directly. I have been away from Gunpla since December for a variety of reasons and was CRUSHED tonight when I started to catch up on Gunpla TV and found out the big changes.

    Gunpla and Gunpla TV were the two things that saved me last year as a divorce and custody battle left me unemployed with 2 young children and no way to go out by myself for over 10 months. My nights doing Gunpla after I got a 3 & 5 year old to bed were my only outlet.

    I want to thank you and I am sad I may never have a more formal way to do so.

    I wish you the best on your new path and adventures.

    If my email is passed through to you from this form please feel free to contact me if you ever care to do so.

    Thank you,

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