Gaijin Gunpla

Back with more of the MG Justice Gundam. When I finished assembling the torso and head I was prepared to stop for the day but the next few instruction manual diagrams pulled me back in. I figured that I knew what I was getting into with the arms and it wouldn’t take me all that long.

I was right.

Construction of the arm is identical to that of the freedom with the armour parts being a new colour and in some places and slightly different shape.

Because of that it was pretty easy to rip through them.

It starts to differ when you put on the armour for the back of the arms and cuff.

What will fit into that frame piece that is exposed in the back of the arm? Hmm.

Just like the previous two new SEED MGs you assemble both arms at the same time and then only the hands differentiate right from left at the end.


Now for some pointy shoulders!

These are all x2.

Near the end of the shoulder assembly you’ll put together the blade thingy.

This will then attach to the end of the shoulder.

Pointy things every which way!

So I was ready to wrap up my building at that stage but the next few images in the manual showed the skirt and they too looked familiar. I should be able to pound that out quickly. Just a little more, I thought, as I continued on.

Skirt frame is identical.

If you put the wrong part on you won’t get the armour pieces onto the crotch of your Justice.

That starts with these two parts.

The pink part fits into the black part very specifically, which makes it simple to line up and put in there.

Slide the lower end of that assembly into the pink housing first followed by the top portion.

Then you can plug that onto that new frame part.

Behold the crotch of Justice!

Front skirts are just a frame piece, an armour piece, and a hook. Just like Freedom 2.0’s.

Here’s the rear.

Behold the ass of… Okay, the joke is now old. I’ll just move on to showing the whole thing.

Next up, the legs.

Of Justice!

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  1. Phillax says:

    I hope Bandai had improved the J4 pieces with this release. I had to buy metal replacement for the hip pegs of the Freedom 2.0.

  2. BNuts says:

    “Arthur, honk if you love Justice!”
    – The Tick

    I now expect Athrun to shout either “SPOON!” or “Not in the face!” as he launches into battle.

  3. SUSANOWO says:

    Kits I wish become MGs or RGs:

    The S Gundam (been SO MANY YEARS since a gunpla of this kit has been released)

    The Byarlant

    The Rozen Zulu

    The Baund Doc (hmm, pretty far fetched)

    What kits do you guys want to be released?

  4. SUSANOWO says:

    Hi, I would like to know the difference between the Mg Unicorn Ver. Ka and the Ova version.

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