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For some reason it feels like I’ve built more Unicorn Gundams than anything else recently, and by recently I mean over the last few years. Or maybe during my entire Gunpla career. I guess that is because of the release of both Unicorn and the Banshee Norn in Perfect Grade form. I built the Unicorn three times and the Banshee once. I have two more variations of the PG Unicorn to build still. My closet hates me.

You’ll remember in the First Look post I had both the RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam and the RG Unicorn Gundam (Limited Package). For this series of WIP posts I’ll be assembling the regular version and keeping the Limited Package version for… well, I’m not sure but I’ll be keeping it anyway.

The RG Unicorn begins, like most real grades, with the feet.

Here is the foot frame. You need to bend it slightly at the joints to loosen it up, which I always recommend, but also to get it into the right alignment to add a frame piece on there.

It may be tough to see what I’m referring to so I’ll include some more images.

A peg on that frame piece slides into the red psychoframe part of the foot frame but can only do it completely if the foot is orientated a certain way.

At this point I noticed that both feet are assembled at the same time so let me bring the other in here.

Now you can see more clearly that you flip the heel around.

Add blue to the bottom of the feet and white part at the back.

Now you will need this part.


You are to drop it into its place and then place a psychoframe part on overtop.

The toes have a tiny undergate as well.

You’ll first drop a white part on from above and the slide the toes on.

My advice is to tilt those fin-like things on the side of the foot upwards so you can get a better view of that white part slotting in to be sure it goes in all the way.

Note the colour tone difference in the blue parts at the front of the foot?


I mean… Real Grade.

That wasn’t complicated but then again we’ve just started. It’s time to look into what makes the legs what they are starting with the right leg and this frame piece.

You’ll need to reconfigure this frame section as well.

You’ll begin adding frame parts to make up the knee joint and upper leg.

I’m having LED wiring flashbacks.

I noticed that these frame parts are nice and sturdy.

That explains it.

Add a small frame part to the uppermost section of the leg.

Make sure it’s pulled out.

Prepare the psychoframe/white armour side sections for the upper leg.

You’ll need the upper thigh armour parts, both inside and outside, as well. I don’t think I mentioned it in the First Look post but there is a difference in colours in the white.

I’m glad to see the Real Grade modus operandi in effect here.

Put all those parts on to the top of the leg dropping the top leg frame part down when the last of the armour goes on.

Here’s a better shot showing the colour differences.

You’ll now have this.

So far things are going together much like we’ve seen with the MGs and PGs of the Unicorn and its variants. Things change a bit from this point. You’ll be adding the psychoframe parts for the inside of the knee to the bottom of what you’ve assembled so far.

Those parts fit around tabs found in the lower part of that whole upper leg assembly you just put together.

Now to add the rear armour piece and the thruster.

On the MGs and PGs the thruster was attached to a psychoframe piece that was fitted inside that long rear armour flap but on the RG the thruster goes onto the RG frame section with the flap fitting on and covering it.

Just for fun I slid out the knee psychoframe pieces to get a little sneak peak at how that will work when transforming into Destroy Mode.

It’s hard to tell if pulling on the flap will extend the knee psychoframe or vice versa but I was able to position them independently.

Now for another piece from the RG Frame runner.

You’ll need to loosen this up.

It’s not just me telling you this again. The manual states such.

You’ll lay that into the psychoframe knee section and then secure it on there with frame parts on either side.

You’ll need to have that frame piece configured properly.

It fits together quite nicely.

Add the psychoframe block found at the lower leg complete with its own flap.

Now for frame parts from the multi-colour runner (H) for the side of the legs and from G for the bottom.

Add those oh so recognizable white side leg pieces.

Yup, it’s a Unicorn Gundam.

Prepare the flap that covers the front of the foot.

As well as the ankle joint.

It goes without saying that this is much different from the ankle construction of the MG and PG Unicorns.

Combine those along with another frame part.

That gives you the ankle assembly which you can drop onto the foot.

Add the white parts which cover the sides of the ankle joint.

Now you’ve got a foot assembly and a whole leg to join together.

Still some small things left to add such as the armour parts for the knee and the flaps found on the sides of the foot.

On the MG and PG the flaps are connected together by a frame part so they rotate together during the transformation. No room for that here so you’ll be moving each of those separately.

Where was I?

A Unicorn leg. That’s right. It still needs something.

Oh yes, a hip socket.

I’ll add that and the final white parts for the knee.

I present to you, one sexy leg.

Now to do it all over again!

That felt really, really good!

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  1. Frankon says:

    ABS in a recent Bandai kit? What blasphemy is that… Ok joking aside im happy that Bandai’s “no more ABS” stance with the new kits is hopefully going away.

    • Ty says:

      I’ve already built this kit and after playing around and transforming it for a week, I can confirm that the ABS works really well in this kit, much better than the PS parts used in the construction of older RG frames. the ABS joints stay nice & tight but also very smooth, and unlike older gunpla, these ABS parts hold a surprising amount of detail.

  2. Ty says:

    To anyone wondering, this kit has two tones of blue, two tones of pink psychoframe and three tones of white (the midtone is hard to notice in photos but more obvious in person). The ABS parts are identical in color and material to those used in the MS Joint framework, meaning that the frame looks and feels really nice and uniform. These ABS frame parts are glossy, while the gray PS parts used in the weapons and waist section are matte, and a slightly colder gray.

    • Ty says:

      This all basically means that the kit looks really nice even in unpainted unicorn mode, because it doesn’t look ‘flat’ or monotone.

  3. Sablenk87 says:

    That knee psycho frame mechanism is the most interesting part, it’s simple and easy to transform, not even PG has it, and surprisingly sturdy for a transforming RG

    • Brendan says:

      I agree! I was amazed at how they managed to develop such a simple construction technique for the knee and the resulting transformation process was a breeze compared to the MG and PG versions

      • Marc says:

        In exchange, though, the knee no longer separates when bent (like the MG and PG do). I’m a bit disappointed since the RG line is pretty great at the knee separation thing. Overall, at least I’m pretty glad with what they’ve done here.

  4. This got me excited, though my order won’t be arriving until September (the shenanigans in the customs bureau of our country is pretty rough). I don’t really mind it that much since the backlog is still piling. XD

    It’d probably take a week or so for me to build this. Looking forward to the next WIP posts. 😀

    • Danforth Vista says:

      you from the philippines bruh? am waiting for the hype to die down so i can get loads of discount offers from other shops XD currently keeping myself busy with RG 00 raiser for the meantime.

      • Haha! That remark about the BoC gave it away, huh?

        Already got a considerable discount since it was a pre-order, in my case. Still got a few kits to build (the MG Providence is still sitting inside the shelf and the box haven’t even been opened). Currently working on the MG G Gundam. XD

  5. SUSANOWO says:

    Hello Syd. I frequently visit your page, but I noticed every time I connect, the home page show me your older posts dating from March. I have to press the Home icon to see the home page with the newest posts. Am I the only one with this difficulty? Could this problem be fixed?


  6. Kek says:

    Is that your camera or is the psychoframe orange?

  7. SUSANOWO says:

    It is possible that the veiled gunpla at the Gundam Base is the Baund Doc!

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