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In the last WIP post for the Justice I mentioned being at a crossroads regarding Reviews on this site. I worried that my new location and loss of access to the photo booth I’ve always used for photography on Gaijin Gunpla would mean a deterioration in photo/review quality or at least a change that doesn’t match up what I’ve done before. You readers let me know that any change isn’t a problem and that you’ll gladly read any future reviews and so I decided to carry on getting the best images I can using the white blinds and natural lighting I get from my large apartment windows. The first of the new-style reviews is for the MG Justice Gundam which comes with a solid pedigree.

Overall Look: 9/10

Those same killer proportions we saw on the MG Freedom 2.0 and the Providence Gundam are here in all their glory in the Justice Gundam. I must confess that the Justice isn’t my favourite design but even so I also must admit that this version of it looks really good. There are nice details here such as the text found on the book of the skirt.

As well as the nice design of the back of the legs.

Despite how great it looks as an MS I still don’t know if I’ve grown to like the head.

Actually I really like the look of the head itself but the horn throws me off.

Then there is the backpack.

The sleek and speedy look I like in the Mobile Suit is lost once you put that Fatum-00 on.

In addition to it making Justice look twice as wide, I can’t help but think this would slow him down considerably. It also makes him almost impossible to stand up.

Colors: 10/10

I think I may be going soft. This pink colour would never do it for me normally but works really well with the whites and blacks spread throughout the Justice. One test for me when I think about a colour scheme is if I would prefer it in a different colour. While I would probably repaint this in all new colours if I was making it my own, there is not a preferable scheme that springs to mind when I think about this kit. These colours work.

Weapons: 10/10

I won’t deduct any points for the weapons that come with the Justice even though the rifle, shield, and beam sabers are the exact ones from the Freedom 2.0. They are well done and work fine here. In addition you’re given a new beam saber handle in the form of the end of the shoulders.

First remove those shoulder tips.

Then open them up at the joint.

Use one of the new hands they give you and slide that handle in.

This won’t stay at all. There is no grip holding it in place. What holds it there is the thumb.

Needless to say, your posing options are limited with this design.

Like the Freedom’s the Justice’s Beam Sabers can join together to make a twin-bladed light beam saber. I don’t think I need to show that as they are the same as what we’ve seen before.

Articulation: 9/10

Being the same design as the Freedom and Providence it’s fair to assume that the level of articulation is exactly the same. Right? Well, not quite. For one, the ankles of the Justice are designed differently.

I actually found the Providence to be more articulate in the ankles. The knee joint does have the same large range of motion we’ve seen in the prior two kits.

And the feet have the ability to fold over as well.

The shoulders, too, seem to get up to a point and then can go no further.

You do get to reach upwards more thanks to the elbow joint design.

The Fatum-00 has some articulation there as well, found in the cannons and turrets.

And also in the small outside stabilizers which seem to be able to pivot slightly.

I do find, however, that they don’t attach well and, for me, one of them was always coming off.

Build Design: 10/10

The Justice features the same amazing frame that we were first treated to with the Freedom 2.0 and again with the Providence so it may be easy to take for granted now that we’ve seen in for the third time but for the Justice the new engineering extends to the backpack as well.

The key for that is the connecting arm they’ve designed. Mounting it to the Justice in its regular form requires the arm to be configured like so.

The you connect the bottom part of that arm to the stand (already shown) and attach the backpack to the rear of the Justice.

In the last WIP post I showed how you can configure that backpack so it is in a more flight-like mode while still attached to Justice’s back. This requires this configuration.

There is a third configuration. This one requires you to make the connecting arm as small as possible.

The you use your stand adaptor designed for just this purpose.

Attach the Fatum-00 to the base and from there prepare the Fatum for what happens next. Remove the two hole covers found on the top.

Expand it by pulling out both sides.

And open up the rear thruster housings.

Now that your Fatum is ready you need to prepare the Justice. That is done by exposing the peg that is hidden in both feet.

Now it’s simply a matter of dropping those pegs into the exposed holes.

I can’t overstate how simple this was. I lined up one foot, put the peg in, and when I went to look at the other foot the peg was already in its place. Easy-peezy.

The design is pretty good even if I think the result does look a little goofy.

I’ll finish this section with a couple gimmicks. The first is the cockpit hatch.

And the last is the cool design of the saber-handle-holding side skirts.

Fun Factor: 8/10

If I was a bigger fan of the Justice then I probably would have enjoyed this kit more. IT still has all the awesome details that the Freedom 2.0 has, and even new design elements to find such as in construction of aforementioned side skirts as well as the knees.

But instead of those Freedom wings you’re getting the giant Fatum00 backpack which I don’t prefer at all. It’s a little too awkward looking for my tastes and I can’t see myself posing it in anything but it’s normal state.

Extras: 10/10

You’ll find quite a bit here. Along with the beam saber blades you’ll get two smaller parts for the shoulder handles. You’ll get more than enough markings.

And dry transfers.

Here’s your pilot figure.

Two new hand parts were included for those shoulder handles.

Don’t worry. You still get all the extra hands that came with the Freedom.

You’ll get the adaptor you’ll need when you want Justice to mount the Fatum and another which allows you to just put naked Justice on the stand if you like.

And you get your very own superior Action Base.

Neither the Freedom nor the regular Providence came with this stand when they should have. The Justice having it makes things much more stable.

Just like with the Providence there are fans of this Mobile Suit who have been praying for a Master Grade release and let me say for you it is worth the wait. It’s a really solid kit in a string of recent very solid kits. It may not be my thing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be in that group.

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  1. Manpig says:

    Nice to see you back in the reviewing scene. I for one don’t mind the new background, i’m grateful we get the reviews back in the first place, and this was a good one. Will Barzam get one?

  2. Charlo says:

    Thanks for yet another great review Syd. Like you I am still uncertain of this kit for both the horn and the colour scheme though I may get it when on sale.

    Also wanted to ask you, considering you are a great fan of the RG line, will you be getting and reviewing the RG Unicorn? From what I have seen it is a really good kit though I value much more your reviews.

  3. Niel says:

    is it true that you can’t move the ankles? 😐 always reading your reviews and i really need this one from you, to have a concrete decision of getting this kit. thank you sir!

  4. Paul Emical* says:

    Well, after reading this first review with the “new style”, I guess we can safely say that you were maybe worrying a bit too much! 🙂

    It’s been a pleasure reading it as always, you’ve been spot on as you’ve always been in underlining the pros and cons of the kit and the photos aren’t a bit as bad as you seemed to think they would’ve been.
    So… welcome back, my friend!

  5. Marc says:

    Regarding the backpack: at the very least, that’s the sleekest that backpack has ever been. I remember even the RG Justice’s Fatum-00 being so ugly and don’t get me started on the HG. I’m glad they were able to make it work on the MG somehow; it’s making me crave for the RG Infinite Justice even more…

  6. Trash Gunpla Builder says:

    I initially thought you were calling the backpack the Fatum 00 as a joke about how it’s similar to the 00 Raiser but it’s thicker, but then you showed the markings and I just melted.

  7. Troy Buttke says:

    Syd, if given the choice between the two, would you get the MG Sword Impulse or the MG Justice? My hobby store has both in stock. I do like the Sword Impulse, but I am partial to the Justice as well.

    • S2 says:

      I would get the MG sword impulse and to experience the new mg quality the MG freedom 2.0 and forego the justice. But that’s just me

      • Troy Buttke says:

        Works for me. I will get the Sword Impulse. I love the appearance of the kit and it is chock full of stuff. Though I might end up getting the Justice eventually. I don’t know why, but I have never been a big fan of the Freedom. I have always been a Strike fanboy.

      • Troy Buttke says:

        The Sword Impulse was sold out when I got back to my hobby store. But they did have the Justice Gundam in stock. So ultimately, I ended up getting the Justice. From your review, it doesn’t look like I will be disappointed. Perhaps I will get the Providence and Freedom eventually.

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