Gaijin Gunpla

The legs of the RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam were a real treat and I eagerly jumped back on the kit as soon as I had a chance. With two legs assembled I move onto the skirt and torso. Movin’ on up!

Start with the larger skirt frame parts and add the piece into which the leg pegs will connect as well as a hinge.

Here are the parts for the front psycho frame.

Join them together and lay them inside and close that up with the opposing frame part.

To the B runner!

When working with this be sure you know which side is up.

PSA – It’s not this one.

You’re going to connect that to a peg on the top of the frame section you just put together.

The tilt it down and hold it there by adding the rear center armour block.

Then add the two parts for center front.

Just testing…

Now for both front skirts.

This is different from the MG in that you only slide a tab along a groove to open the section during transformation to Destroy Mode.

The MG had an extra piece in there that made this piece swivel forwards and up.

Plug those onto the ball joints found on the RG runner part of the skirt you’ve assembled.

The manual states you have to be sure to push them on all the way.

Now for the rear skirt assembly. Start with the psycho frame parts and thrusters.

That will then go onto the large armour parts.

Just testing…

Now connect those gorgeous Unicorn legs to the newly assembled skirt.

Still need the side skirts.

These are much like those on its MG brother.

Connect them to the ball joints on the skirt.

With the bottom half of the Mobile Suit finished I decided to call it a night.

And then jumped on it first thing in the morning.

Here is the RG frame part for the torso.

First step is to bend it backwards at the first joint.

That should expose two pegs onto which you’ll put some G frame parts.

When those parts are on bend it forwards at the second joint.

Now slide on the psychoframe piece and dark armour part for the lower torso. These are coming from the I1 runner.

From there add more of the dark parts from I1, with the small flap being from G.

Slide these onto the torso from the sides.

You should have this.

Now close that space up where the psychoframe is visible.

Close that flap to lock it in that position.

Next up, get a long psycoframe part and add a frame part to that.

This will go onto the back of the torso.

Flip it over and add parts to the front.

Now put down the torso.

You need to be workign on the arms now.

The part from the B runner that is for the arm only gives you from shoulder to elbow. You need to assemble the elbow joint and forearm.

Now add some of the shiny stickers from the RG sticker sheet to both sides of the elbow.

Do the same for the other arm and then connect them to what you’ve assembled of the torso so far.

People who have assembled the MG may cringe when they see what comes next.

Yes, that is the shoulder weapon that pops up during the transformation and, yes, it is quite small here.

Speaking of small, you’ve got a sticker to put on a small armour part.

That armour part the fits in the back of a psychoframe piece.

Take those two small assemblies and add them to a larger psychoframe part.

…not testing.

Do the same for the section that is for the opposite side of the torso.

Those go on the torso from the top.

Assemble the cockpit hatch.

Clip it onto the white piece that is for the top of the torso and cover up the connection with a smaller armour part.

Testing how it opens.

Drop that section onto the torso.

Add another the neck frame part, the collar, and a part for the back.

The armour parts for the side of the torso slide on the side over the arms.

Here you can bend the arms down at the shoulder.

And you’re instructed to attach your torso to the lower body.

Wanna keep going but gotta stop.

Damn you, responsibilities!

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  1. Phillax says:

    I can tell it’s morning by the lighting 😀

  2. Now transform the torso. It’s shocking how well that part of the transformation works compared to the MG and even the PG.

  3. Those psycoframe pieces sometimes look orange and sometimes pink. Might just be me, though.

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