Gaijin Gunpla

I don’t know whether I’ve subconsciously been waiting to use that title in this series about the RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam but this may be my only appropriate chance to use it so I took it.

After the last build session all I had left to assemble was the backpack and weapons. That backpack starts with a large psychoframe piece.

Add two thrusters in there and then plug it onto a blue armour piece.

Now for the outer blue part. Onto this you’re adding the beam saber holding arms.

Situate them this way.

Then swing then inwards.

Now you’ll add a darker blue piece down below and the outer blue part nearer the top.

Two thrusters go on at the bottom.

And covers for the thrusters that swivel out in Destroy Mode go on last.

Well, I guess last is actually the beam saber handles.

Put this onto your Unicorn and bask in its backside badassness.

Yay, backside badassness basking! The best kind.

Now for the weapons.

Starting with the Beam Magnum I add a sticker for the scope to one of the halves.

I don’t think I need to go into a lot of explanation on the weapons.

Building this it occurred to me that I have yet to assemble the weapons for my Perfect Grade Unicorn. I’ll get around to it someday, he said convincing absolutely no one.

Add the barrel.

The second handle, which swivels, goes onto a little downward-facing peg on the slide piece.

Now for rear of the weapon.

Slide that onto the front half.

Now for the ammunition cartridge.

I think we all know how this works.

Next up, the bazooka!

Again, I don’t feel the need for a lot of text here.

Remember, it’s easier to put the scope stickers on before joining the halves together.


And lastly, the transforming shield.

This seems to go together very much like the HG kit’s.

See what I mean? Notice the top frame piece here, though. That shape looks new.

Join together what you’ve got so far.

Onto that new part you’ll slide the part that will connect to your Unicorn.

Now put it in its Unicorn Mode state.

So many happy memories.

With everything finished I relaxed a bit and looked at the markings and marking guide. I found that there are stickers for the sides of the knees just like those for the elbows.

The build instructions didn’t have you put them on during the build but I think I want to do it now so the elbows and knees match.

That’s better.

If you’ll excuse me I have to prep for the review photography session. I’ll just leave this here for everyone while they wait.


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  1. Frankon says:

    Nice reference on the title. But lets face it. Incoming P-Bandai versions in 5…4….3…..

    • UrielVentries says:

      The MK II and MK II Titans were both regular releases even though they really could have made one a p bandai. This gives me hope that maybe the Banshee will be a regular release.

      • S2 says:

        The MG Banshee was a regular release and a PG banshee released normally as well. I think we will see one version of the Banshee as a regular release.

      • Memez says:

        Banshee will be normal release, norn will be p-bandai

      • NuaGround says:

        Yea, maybe banshee is a regular release, but which one?
        Seeing from the releases of recent kits, I doubt that bandai would release both banshee normal and norn as regular.

      • Ress says:

        The real question, in my mind, is if the Phenex will be normal release or PBandai. They did undergate pretty much everything from the start and the Phenex does have a normal release MG, but I’m thinking it’ll be PBandai.

      • Paul Emical* says:

        The PG Phenex, on the other end, was P-Bandai.
        I’m guessing the RGs will be the same, with the RG Banshee Norn as normal release and the RG Phenex as P-Bandai.

      • Paul Emical* says:

        I meant “on the other hand”…

      • Frankon says:

        Lets see Banshee, Banshee Norm, Phenex, Banshee Norm Last Battle version, Unicorn Last Battle Version…. pick your poison. Its almost certain that some of them will be P-Bandai

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