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Like I wrote in the last post, this kit has me excited and I just want to keep going. My RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam has a lower body and a torso but there is still much to be done, though the finish line is in site.

I start with these parts found on the RG B runner.

Each of these will be placed inside a white armour part.

And then a psychoframe part slides in above.

And that’s it. I now move onto these parts.

I guess the beam saber gives away which part of the Unicorn these are.

So you have what you need for the bottom of the arm.

Put those aside and start adding armour for the upper arm.

It is tough to see in the red clear plastic but there are grooves in there into which you’ll slide the tabs on the inside of the white armour parts.

Now you can add the cuff.

This can be tricky but the manual lays out what you are looking for here.

You need to line it up a certain way.

That looks okay, but looking at it from the side you can see the psychoframe section is too high.

I lowered it ever so slightly.

That looks correct (to me, anyway) so now slide in the beam saber holder section of the arm that you assembled already.

Once that is inside push up on the cuff.

Add one white part to the inside of the arm and also a little piece for the bottom of the beam saber storage section.

Slide it on this way.

Then tilt it up and into place.

Now add your hand of choice.

Repeat the process for the left arm and you’ll have this.

So we need some shoulders. That means these parts.

I cut that off but I don’t use it yet…

I first put together this sub-assembly.

When that sub-assembly is done I’ll add a white part to the part I initially cut off for the shoulder.

Grab two sides from your large psychoframe (A) runner and place the assemblies on there.

Swing down the white part at the end.

Then tilt them.

I now take the largest armour part found on the shoulders and place it over the dark frame portion of the RG frame piece.

Now to add the off-white part to both sides.

And there you go.

Which means!

So now there is just this part left on the RG frame runner.

Bend it at the joints.

Add the back armour part and also the top part goes on over top.

Now I have to…


If I’m reading this manual correctly, if I choose C13 it will be fixed in Unicorn Mode. Alternatively, if I choose C16 it will be in Destroy Mode. In order to transform between modes I need to use parts C14 and C15. So that means I can’t use the fixed horns, which generally look better, and swap them when I transform?

I had to make a decision at this point so I went with C14 and C15 which gives me the ability to transform between modes, but I will keep an eye on things to see if there is a way to use the better looking horns if the transforming horns aren’t to my liking.

Now that I’ve chosen I need to apply stickers. They are long and thin so I needed a way to give myself sufficient space to work in and line things up.

The toothpick worked quite well.

Slide the left horn on and the the right.

Looks like a fish.

Now for some really small stickers, the sensors.

Put one sticker on the front and another on the back and then place the armour piece on overtop.

Tilt your Unicorn’s horn(s) forward and drop the sensor part on from the top.

Now for the eye part.

You have more stickerwork and more choices here.

Unicorn mode sticker is on.

For Destroy Mode you still have the choice the Real Grade line gives you, using one sticker for the whole eye area or three stickers.

One works for me.

Unicorn facemask on!

And on the other side the Destroy Mode face.

The face attaches to the head assembly by sliding onto the peg that is part of the clear piece found in the sensor area. It can rotate 360 degrees giving you the ability to do the transformations.

Swing in the two psychframe sides.

Make sure the facemasks are lined up properly or the psychoframe parts won’t both swing closed fully.

Add the white armour parts to each side.

It occurred to me that if I have to access that facemask by pulling off the white sides and opening up the psychoframe sections then I could also pull out the center sensor section giving me access to the horn connection peg. That means I could probably go with either of the fixed horn parts if I chose to. Needs more investigation.

But I’ll do that later. I just want to get that sexy head on.

Too sexy for a shot like that. Let’s do this.

I have more to do but so far it has been sensational and just look at it.

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  1. Paul says:

    Actually, the horns section might have a little bit of a mistranslation. Choosing either one of the fixed-form horns doesn’t mean you can’t transform it back and forth from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode and vice-versa. It just means that you have to do a little more parts-swapping than you usually would.

  2. Keenan says:

    A quick bit of info for you, be careful about those waist pegs going into the hips, mine have both completely sheared off from minimal manhandling and are now stuck firmly inside the joint with no way to get them out, so I’ll be experimenting on the RG banshee when it gets released- just a forewarning to y’all ✌

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