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Yes, I can definitely say that the AT-AT was one of the kits I was most looking forward to when Bandai started making Star Wars kits. Of course, licensing issues arose and many parts of the world were left out when it came to distribution. I had amassed a bit of a Star Wars kit backlog when I was in Japan and shipped everything with me when I moved to another country. Because I am not building a Gundam (or two) each week I have some time to put towards SW kits, if I have building time, that is.

I’ll start out by saying that this is a big box.

Here it is in comparison to the recent RG Unicorn.

There are quite a few parts but there are also some big ones in there.

And check out the snowy base.

When it comes to included stickers/waterslides there are hardly any at all.

Let’s goooooo!

Start with these two parts.

Connect them and then place that into what is looking to e an AT-AT neck.

With the neck complete you’ll start building the head around that joint.

You’re instructed to slide the joint outward, drop on a piece, then push it back in.

Here are a couple shots to show that movement.

Now you need your D runner.

Actually, both of them.

From these runners you’ll get you two AT-AT drivers.

I remember that 3 3/4 inch figure! Oh, the feels.

Get them in their driver chairs.

Now you’re supposed to put a sticker on each one.

This sticker is the face and helmet. It is meant to curl around the round head.


Put your driver seat part into a large piece that will be the bottom of the head.

Attach that to the neck.

Now you take this red piece.


Um. Okay?

There is another part added at this time, further back.

Now for that oh-so-familiar head.

Slap a circle on either side before sliding it onto the neck.

Here this picture shows how the grooves line up.

Oh yes.

Now for these parts.

These will make one of the weapons found underneath the head.

Which means you’ll be making a second as well.

Plug them into the underside.

We set aside the head assembly for now and move to the legs. The first step on those involves these two parts.

That little piece is secured in the circle by plugging a smaller part in from behind.

I will mention that you are building two legs at the same time here.

Attach a small, lever-like part to each of the leg sections you’ve assembled so far.

Oh, there are undergates on this kit!

Oh. Em. Gee. Look at where they are.

Should be easy…


That small part slots into an area on the end of one of the leg parts.

Once you spend a lot of time lining it up, losing grip on it, dropping it on the floor, searching the floor, picking it up, and eventually getting it in place you close that area up with a round part.

(Having learned my lesson for the second leg I removed the undergate while keeping that small part attached to the sprue.)

You’ll connect the two sections of legs together at several point and hold them together small circular parts.

When joining these two sections you need to line up this peg…

…with the opening in the small piece you first dropped into a larger part when this leg assembly thing began.

You can see it in there, right?

That gives you what looks to be an upper leg, a lower leg, and a knee connecting the together.

There is a lot more to do on the first two legs so I stopped for the evening but before doing so couldn’t resist starting on the feet.

Maybe I’ll go watch Empire.

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  1. SUSANOWO says:

    Hello, do you know any intermediate retailers that might be able to ship this product to Canada?

    • Darth Mingus says:

      Bandai has a distributor in North America for the Star Wars vehicle kits. My local hobby stores have begun stocking them, even the new Perfect Grade Millenium Falcon kit. Depending on where in Canada you are, you should not have a problem finding them.

  2. adit says:

    This is actually the most challenging thing when you build a plastic model ?

    “Once you spend a lot of time lining it up, losing grip on it, dropping it on the floor, searching the floor, picking it up, and eventually getting it in place…”

  3. Hubyx says:

    I just saw that kit in the pictures of your unopened kit collection and I wondered why you haven’t done any review of the majestic AT-AT so far… ?

  4. Kamey says:

    Is there any way to buy these Star Wars kits in europe?

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