Gaijin Gunpla

MG kits may be fewer and farther between these days but they don’t lack when it comes to the excitement factor. The last three SEED Master Grades have been magnificent and if that wasn’t enough now we get a brand new Ver. Katoki MG, in the form of the MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka.

Aww yeah. Not only does it look badass…

…but this one involves separate sections…

Which can combine into things like this.

Ver Ka kits are an event. Each releases with an instruction manual full of information the likes of which you won’t get in regular MG releases. This one sports the same box art style as all other Ver Ka MG kits (I love the consistency) but when you pop that lid off…

…there is a lot of stuff in the box.

Did you see the waterslide decal sheet?

That is a staple of the Ver Ka line now. But wait!

This kit is part of the Ver. Ka Premium Decal Campaign (ver 2.0) which means you get extra decals.

And should you wish to order an extra set of those extra decals you have the order form included.

And check this runner out.

(bad photography kills excitement factor…)
That silver! It’s quite shiny like a Silver Leaf.

I note there is the PC-211 poly-cap runner in this kit.

Now for that excellent presentation stuff I mentioned before. You find those goodies in the instruction manual.

First page has a lot of information.

The middle has more good stuff including an interview with Katoki Hajime.

And yes it is translated into English!

Here is the runner list.

Even though I couldn’t start on this right away I couldn’t resist flipping through the manual.

Two Core Fighters?!

Page 23 begins the transformation portion of the instructions.

And it doesn’t finish until page 29!

And let’s not forget all those markings.

And what’s this insert thrown into the box?

Even more stuff for this kit? I am tempted.

Must. Begin. Build. Soon!

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Still waiting for mine to cross the ocean… 🙂

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it, I expect it to be one of the most complex due to the transformation sequence. Hope I’m not let down.

    BTW, it’s always refreshing to read your take on gunpla. Keep up the good work!

    …oh, and if you can find the time, why don’t you put together a brief post a la “Life in japan” to tell us about your new adventures in aussieland? 😉

  2. Dan says:

    Really looking forward to seeing how this kit comes together! You put together awesome WIP posts and I always enjoy reading them.
    I am waiting to see if Bandai releases a Full Armor add on set with effect parts for the ZZ Gundam. I like the ZZ Gundam but the full armor version in my favorite. I also hope the do a FAZZ variant that is all white with the massive beam cannon from Gundam Sentinel.

  3. Erick Avery says:

    Oh man I think I’m most excited about all that interview being translated. I wish every mg had as much put into it as the ver ka but if it did would they still be so special?

  4. Harold says:

    Built the non graded version in the 80s. That kit only had one core fighter so very happy to see that they put two here. Most of the transform mechanism seems unchanged (obviously) but there are a ton of subtle changes that I find fascinating.

  5. Adrindrata says:

    Is it too much if I hoped for a MG Tryon 3 release? and MG AGE 3 Normal…

  6. Draco_VS says:

    I’ve never been a fan of either a) transforming kits or b) zeta gundam designs but I’ll be damned if Katoki Hajime can’t make me really really really want to buy a kit!

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