Gaijin Gunpla

Last session I completed the final section of the MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka so now I have all the sections I need to finally put this bulky robot together. You start by putting together the lower body.

Plug the legs onto the pegs in the skirt and get this guy standing up.

Next you’ll get a couple final pieces for the backpack.

You’ll plug the peg on the backpack into the hole at the end of the red area protruding from the back of the skirt.

Plug the other half of the backpack into the other side and you’re ready to add…

…an airplane?

Remember this transforms so slide the wings in.

Fold the nose under.

Then swing the tail fin forward.

To get that onto your robot you swing out the backpack in order to make space.

You’ll slot it in here after you pull back on the latch at the back.

The fit is very secure.

To get the upper body on you’ll open the hatch.

Drop it on from above and nod approvingly as it sits solidly in place.

Close that latch and make it even more secure.

Close the hatch.

This too fits really tightly.

No gap!

Here the manual shows you can pull the shoulders outwards.

To put the backpack in its final place you pull the peg out from the middle of the red area.

This will plug into the hole on the back of the upper body.

Everything goes together so nicely.

And looks great doing so!

And after all that, you’re still not done! You’ve got his huge weapon to assemble.

Start with the scopre.

Add the standard sticker, which itself is big.

That will drop into a large frame piece, along with the handle.

Connect these two frame parts together.

That, along with what you’ve got so far, lays inside one of the blue side pieces.

It’s clear that this will do something but I’m not sure yet what exactly it will do.

Now this.

It goes at the top near the front while a frame part goes on at the rear to help hold it all together.

Next place some parts onto the pegs that are part of that last frame piece while you also put a part on at the other end fitting around the yellow piece.

This gets you to about 85% of the way through.

Add the second pilot figure that you should have if you didn’t put it in the second Core Fighter at the start of the entire project.

Put on the canopy.

Now for two of these.

You’ll connect one to each side using a small connecting frame part.


It folds up!

Now that you’ve got everything together you can reconfigure it.

I save this kind of thing for the review but I did go ahead and assemble the extra hands.

The thumbs are a separate piece that slot in to the side of the finger part so it looks like a tightly gripped hand, but also it’s compact for use during the transformations.

I also snipped the Action Base adaptors and more hand parts off so I’ll have them ready.

Now to get new batteries in my camera. This review is sure to have plenty of pictures!

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  1. Dan says:

    The ZZ looks great! I am holding out for a Full Armor Set before buy a copy but your posts are making it difficult.

  2. SUSANOWO says:

    Hi Syd, are you happy or disappointed there will be another GM 2.0 variant in 2018?

    Also, will you review the Johnny Ridden RG when it comes out?

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