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Much like with the previous post in the MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka build the backpack assembly is quite involved and needs its own WIP section.

This kit is broken down into quite a few sections but we are nearing the end and we should have a completed ZZ very soon. The backpack starts with you building things x2.

Lay a frame piece inside that large dark blue part and drop another blue part over top to hold it in. That frame part will be able to move afterwards.

Now for these cool things.

For each of those you need three of these things.

You lay them on in rows.

Then you cover them up with a hatch.

Check out that opening action.

I was reminded of the fantastic MG Sazabi Ver Ka at this point.

Now grab some even bigger parts! (With some smaller parts placed inside.

It is in those large parts you’ll house that opening compartment you just made.

Note how that compartment can slide in and out.

Now for thrusters and their accompanying red parts.

Like before these line up a very specific way which is really difficult to see and get right.

This just seems unnecessary. I guess this is meant so those red parts don’t come out but Bandai’s fit being so tight I think they would stay in even without those slots you are meant to line up when inserting the red part.

Place that thruster unit on the bottom of what you’ve got assembled so far.

And add an even bigger thruster to each one.

A small blue hatch goes on there at this time.

Around that large frame you’ll add the largest armour parts in the entire kit.

That gives you two of these.

Now for two beam saber handles.

I don’t get this.

Parts G2-20 and G2-21? They are exactly the same part. Why different numbers? The other doubles on this silver runner have the same number.


Add your end parts.

You can kind of see parts G2-20 and 21 in there.

But which is which? Oh no!

From here there is a distinction between right and left so we are only building one unit at a time. Start that by taking these parts.

The small blue part fits into the side of one of the circular blue parts.

Drop the frame part on there. Notice how the pegs in that blue part will prevent the frame part from rotating past a certain point.

Close it up and add one part at the bottom.

Now for a little wing.

Attach it to a frame part.

Then push the frame part into the groove on the designated side of the unit (it will be the opposite side on the next one.)


Attach one of the beam saber handles to the smaller unit with a small frame part.

Then push that whole thing into the side of the large unit, above the wing.

You’ll now have this.

Get that second wing out of the way and you’ll have two of these beauties.

From here the manual has you start putting the MS together and that begins with the lower body.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time so the experience of getting this Mobile Suit all together will have to wait. For now I store them safely in the plastic bags.

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