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MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka‘s legs took some work. With them and the upper body done I need something to get them all together. That would be the…

Most of this kit thus far has been out of the ordinary in terms of standard MG frames and it looks like the waist section is even more so. You start with these parts.

One poly-cap slides onto the post at the bottom and the other slip into the center of the ring at the other end. You will then take that and lay it inside of some larger frame parts.

Once that is closed up slide a very wide frame part onto the back.

After that prepare this little section.

That along with what you’ve got so far lays inside even larger frame parts.

From there move onto a different area of the skirt unit. You’ll need one of these.

That, along with a poly-cap and a part from the silver runner, lays inside of the long red armour parts.

Once closed up it will look like this.

This then fits onto the frame assembly you started earlier.

That definitely looks like something that could be used to attach legs to.

But we aren’t done yet. We need this small assembly.

The white part snaps on and then tilts back.

A white armour piece goes on over top.

Now for the last part from the D runner (x 2).

One clips onto each side while the center blocks clips on the front.

Those parts on the sides flip out.

And the center block tilts up.


At the front, both top and bottom, you’ll add a red then blue part.

We are in need of front skirts. Here they come.

Lay a small silver part inside the frame and then cover up with two white pieces.

Connect those to the skirt assembly and you’re done.

Almost looks unfinished, doesn’t it? There is more to go, but I’m taking a break.

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  1. QUANTA says:

    Waist no time! Can’t wait to see the final product. Any interest in painting this bad boy up?

  2. Throatwobbler Mangrove says:

    so….is it possible to display just the frame with no armor on it?…or am i SOL?

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