Gaijin Gunpla

I got right back onto the MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka as soon as the chance presented itself. This kit is proving to be just as intriguing as the other kits in the Ver. Ka lineup and I find myself thinking about it when I’m not able to be putting it together.

Torso construction begins by inserting a very small frame piece inside a blue armour part.

The blue piece is uniquely shaped to accommodate that frame part on the inside. This blue runner, H, has some undergated parts you’ll need to be aware of.

You’ve got a matching piece on the opposite side of the torso, as well.

Once both sides are added to the larger, central blue piece you’ll have this.

Drop a frame part down into it to hold it together.

Now for the neck joint.

You’ll add that, and the frame parts for each shoulder connection, to the underside of this large frame piece.

The view from below.

Now for the yellow collar.

You’ll need to remove the plastic in the center.

The collar drops into the torso frame assembly, which has just been completed, and that fits onto another large frame part.

That whole section then fits around the peg at the back of the section you assembled first.

Now for more frame parts.

You’ll add some blue to that assembly.

Then a front armour piece.

Next up is our first use of the beautiful silver pieces.

You’ve got to snap on the silver pieces first and then the yellow parts go on pinning them in place.

And our first red torso piece.

You’ll attach the red part to the front and slide a frame piece into the back.

Notice the gap there behind the yellow collar?

You insert this frame part there.

Into that frame part you’ll clip the upper torso assembly.

But first you need to slide one frame part out a bit.

At this point two blue armour pieces are added.

The smaller piece goes on overtop the opening at the back.

Looks like it is meant to slide up to cover and reveal that opening.

You can access it through the opening in the larger blue part that goes on afterwards.

Swing the whole front section down and you’ll have this.

I like it.

That finishes the torso.

On to the head!

Insert a clear part into the frame from the rear and add the chin and faceplate at this stage as well.

The eye stickers on this kit are two stickers rather than just one.

They may take a bit to line up satisfactorily.

You’ll add the sides at this stage. These hold another frame part in place as they go on.

Place a poly-cap into the assembly and add the rear armour part.

Now for two yellow, movable fins.

The center part for the forehead is made up of four small parts.

First attach the small silver piece to the backside of the first red part.

Insert that into the larger red part and then the yellow part goes into that from behind.

This whole assembly drops onto the head from directly above.

That is one good looking head.

Plop that onto the good looking body.

Everything is looking good so far.

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  1. JG says:

    So I’ve built a fair amount of Master Grades at this point, but this will be my first Ver. Ka. Should I expect to be blown away, or what?

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    That silver seems realy nice. I hope we’ll see more of that in future kits… and maybe a better gold too (aside from mekki, obviously)! Dreams, dreams…

    • QUANTA says:

      The upcoming pg exia will have the same silver for its blades and possibly some frame parts and the inside of the gn drive

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