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And now for my favourite part of any build, usually, the legs! The MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka is a kit with many gimmicks and also transformations which will likely mean there is a lot going on with the legs. Let’s discover what these ZZ legs entail.

Starting with these two pieces we will put together segments that fit inside the foot.

You’ll also be putting a poly-cap onto the peg at the front and adding a large frame part there which will can slide.

I’ve flipped it upside down to get a better shot of the movement.

Add the ankle peg and close it up.

Let’s look at the articulation.

Next step is to start adding the armour. The red parts slide on with the larger front part snapping into place and the white part going on.

With the armour on you get an idea how far the front will slide forward.

But a lot of that articulation is now gone.

And now for some real fun. Check out these small parts.

You first have to slide the silver pat into the yellow part.

But there is nothing locking it into place when you do so which means it is likely to fall right back out. What secures it is the tabs on the underside of the white part.

I found it easiest to slide the silver piece into the yellow and leave it sitting on the work surface and then carefully drop the white part on from above securing everything together.

With two of those little assemblies done you slap them onto one main frame part.

That frame part will then drop onto the pegs on the top of the white armour part on the top of the foot.

That’s it for the feet so they get set aside while construction begins on the leg.

Let’s begin what is sure to be one of the most complex assemblies of the entire kit by dropping a poly-cap into a frame part.

This will now get sandwiched between two long frame parts.

On the top of those you’ll add a thruster and its red liner.

You have to be sure to have the red part lined up properly.

This isn’t easy to see as you drop the piece in and seems to make it more difficult than something like this should be.

The thruster then fits a certain way onto the frame.

You will have this.

Which will then be encased in a few more frame parts.

Check out how that thruster can move.


Now you can begin adding armour. You’ll lay on a red part and then cover it up with a large white part.

Now set your sights on this section.

Pop the end of the frame part in first and then push the remainder of its length into place in side the white part.

To this you’ll add some smaller pieces.

The red part goes on the top and the frame piece clips in and then attaches to the little white part which can close up against the rest of that large white assembly.

Snap that onto the lower leg you’ve already assembled and add a similar looking frame and white part below.

Here is how those move.

We still aren’t finished as we have to put together some small parts.

Fortunately, these go together much easier than the previous silver and yellow parts.

These pop onto a peg on either side of the knee.

They can pivot slightly but for now you’re instructed to leave them tilted forward.

Plug your foot on and you’ll have this.

Here’s a shot showing where and how far the movement is that is found in what you’ve constructed so far.

It’s at this stage where you think, “Wow. All that work and I still haven’t finished a leg yet.” followed by, “Whoa! It’s that time already?! I have to start dinner!”

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