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All that work on the legs so far and I’m not yet done. The MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka‘s legs are something else. Or at least something much different than what I’ve seen before.

So far we’ve worked on the main core of the leg but there is a lot more parts to go on to fill out those sides. You’ll be preparing side armour parts by putting a small hatch-like piece inside the much larger rounded white parts.

Then you’ll take the frame part where that will attach to and add a second small part on there before laying the white part on top.

The second frame part slides along a groove towards the center of the larger frame part. Slide it in all the way.

Interestingly, once you lay the white part in place you can’t slide that frame part along that groove any longer.

Add yellow trim.

You’ll repeat this process for the matching section on the other side of the legs.

When you have two pairs you’ll make two units by joining the left and right sides together with a poly-cap in between.

At this point you are finished building both legs at the same time and are focusing on the right leg.

Add some upper leg frame. You’ll plug a poly-cap into that before attaching it to the post on the inside of joining frame part.

One you’ve pushed that frame part on all the way you are told to pivot it up.

This takes me back!

It feels like it’s been a while since I built a kit with this type of moving part in the upper thigh.

Or maybe it just reminds me of my early experiences with the MG Zaku II 2.0 kit.

It’s here you’ll add a poly-cap that will eventually take the hip socket.

As this is the right leg we lay the poly-cap in like so.

And you add the coloured vent covers at the bottom.

Place a circular white part on either side of the knee and add the front and back upper leg armour.

That gives me this assembly.

Now I have to take this and join it with the lower leg that I assembled in Pt.1

How does that happen? You slide the newly assembled section onto the lower leg assembly from below.

This happens using these posts. Remember these?

I had thought, given the design, that these posts were meant to move but it seems now that they are to remain fixed and probably the reason it was a separate part was because of how moulding that as one part would have been too difficult.

After sliding the upper leg onto the lower leg straighten it out.

That was pretty cool but that unarmoured section sticks out like a sore thumb. Luckily, that’s what we are addressing next.

Join two part together and lay them inside a white armour part.

Repeat for the other side.

These side panels will attach to the leg just underneath the side of the rounded knees.

To secure the two sections of the leg together the large piece on the back of the lower leg clicks into position against the frame of the upper leg.

I actually said, “Oh, cool!” when I saw how that was designed and clicked it into place.

Those small sections at the base of the knee spike that could pivot slightly are tilted into position to hold the knee secure, though nothing clicks.

Lastly, we need a hip joint. That should be simple, right?

Join the two smaller blue part together and plug the frame part through the hole there and then lay the whole frame inside the larger blue piece.

Grab a fin and put a poly-cap in there and plug it on.

A yellow piece goes on one side while a blue part goes on holding things together.

Now for some frame parts.

You put these together to make the area that will connect to the skirt peg. This much be housed in the larger frame parts that will plug into the top of the leg.

An even larger frame part will go on from the top.

But you have to insert a stickered clear piece there.

Plug the blue assembly into that frame.

Finally, plug that into the top of the upper leg to complete your leg construction.

That completes the right leg.

That whole process was really cool and I get to repeat it again for the left leg. For that, the poly-cap at the top of the upper leg goes in the opposite way that that of the right leg’s did.

I’ll get that second leg finished and then we will look to see how those legs are going to connect to the upper body. I seem to have a big chunk of real estate still to be billed by plastic.

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