Gaijin Gunpla

Some more free time, this time in the early afternoon, means more MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka (and also better lighting for pictures). I won’t waste this chance!

For the arms the manual starts by indicating you are making two of everything which makes things a little faster. You start by making a block.

Onto that block you add a thruster and its inner liner.

You’ll encase that thrustered block between two larger frame parts with a white flap piece stuck in there as well.

The frame parts for the elbow and upper arm go on next.

Followed by the armour parts for the lower arm and a poly-cap in the upper arm frame.

Once that’s done you’ll add a large frame part and accompanying blue armour part to the back of the forearm.

Two smaller red parts go on either side of the elbow while a white part goes on from above.

The white piece is symmetrical so can go on whichever way, however, I chose to leave the side with the slight nub mark facing the back.

Here’s a little indication of the elbow’s articulation.

Now it’s time for some shoulders. They feature a unique design when it comes to the frame pieces.

With the first step of the shoulder assembly done you add frame onto it and a white armour part around it.

The piece that will fit around the shoulder pegs on the torso is then fitted in.

Here is a shot to show the different points of movement in that assembly.

Now I have four little pieces that need a home.

These will fit one each side of the shoulder, before the larger armour parts go on.

Now for those great 80’s shoulder pads!

Start out with some blue parts. You’ll be inserting one of those sweet silver pieces in there.

Then another silver part will be added along with more blue.

To get those pads onto the shoulders you’ll need an attachment of some kind.

That frame part with identical blue parts on either side should do the trick.


We’re not done with the giant pads!

We need to add a small blue piece to either side.

Why they put that instruction after the attachment assembly I don’t know. Seems out of order.

Anyways, we have all wee need to complete a giant-padded shoulder.

Two of them.

Here is the point where you divide right arm from left and the reason for that is these fins.

That’s the top one. Check out this piece.

There are undergates on there. But not all of those ridges are gates. The manual points out what you need to cut and what you don’t.

They aren’t the easiest to get to.

You’ll do the same for the larger, lower wing.

Some nice detail here with the frame showing through in parts.

You’ll join the two wings together with a frame part covered by a blue armour part.

Pop one shoulder onto one arm.

Then stick your wings on there.

All it needs is a hand.

The thumb is two pieces making for a nice joint.

The hand plugs on via a peg and not a ball joint which means the hand can rotate but it cannot tilt.

In case you were wondering about those little pieces fitted into the shoulders…

That’s what they look like when opened. I’m sure I’ll figure out what they are for soon.

Complete the second arm.

You’ll need to press pretty firmly to get the arms on so here is how I suggest you configure the arms/shoulders to allow you to get the most leverage.

It feels like I’ve been assembling a lot of things but I’ve only gotten this far.

So far so good.

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  1. SUSANOWO says:

    Are those the MG AGE-1 hands?

    BTW, I’ soon planning on building a MG GM Sniper ii. Should I paint the pistons silver before assembling? Also, are there any big seam lines on that kit?

  2. beige says:

    the 80s will never die, baby!

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