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When the Hi-Resolution Gundam Barbatos released (a year and half ago already?!) we didn’t know what to expect or even if more would be forthcoming. Then at a Gunpla Expo a picture of an Hi-Resolution Model Wing Gundam Zero EW was shown and we all waited patiently, or some of us not so patiently. Well, the wait is over, it was in September, and now I have the kit in my hands and have some time to do a First Look post.

We can expect more of what we saw with the Barbatos but Bandai has shaken things up with this release starting with a redone box.

Rather than the normal large-lid type box we usually see with larger MG kits they’ve gone the route of having the opening be a flap at the top or bottom.

This allows them to use the bottom of the box for more fantastic images and text.

Not surprisingly, the image of the Wing Zero EW with those large wings wraps around both sides.

One of the biggest wow factors of these kits is the frame they give you.

With the Barbatos this was also a sticking point for many as reports of the frame breaking at the torso abounded.

Pulling the package contents out of the box lets you see what is in store for you.

Probably the big draw here is inside this smaller box.

So let’s leave that for last and look at the runner bags briefly.

This blue is very shiny.

And what’s this tucked in that bag?

The very recognizable wings are found on this runner.

Weapon parts and frame parts.

Flipping that over.

There’s another bag with these runner parts but when you look at it you can see these runners have been stripped.

Normally, Bandai leaves the non-used parts on the runner but on this kit they’ve been taken away. Interesting.

More blue. And red!

Then more red. And white!

Then some off-white and more frame parts.

Then the final large white runner.

Lastly we have some very shiny gold.

I really liked this on the Barbatos and am glad to see it back here.

Okay, now back to that box.

Slide out the contents.

You can see they’ve packed the wing frame and body frame together in this plastic clamshell.

It’s hard to see the details on the frame due to the careful packaging they have undertaken.

Notice the chest detail.

A glimpse of the wing frames.

Turning the case over gives you the ability to see more details.

Here is the manual.

It’s quite small. Same size as the leaflets that come in Gundam boxes.

Was the Barbatos this small? (checks) Yes, it was.

Love the images on there though.

This looks very intriguing.

Oh my.

The manual even shows the different modes this kit is capable of.

Cannot wait to get started.

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  1. Pepe says:

    Wow! simply wow!

  2. Aaqib rawat says:

    Very excited for this review!
    Syd will you be getting the metal composite gundam wing kit as well ?
    It looks magnificent.

  3. Ress says:

    You’re making me regret I had to RMA mine. Someone at the factory over-tightened one of the frame screws in the elbow and cracked a frame part. Had to settle for a refund rather than a replacement since HLJ was out.

    Looking forward to the build and overall review to see what I’m missing.

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