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You know I love ’em! What’s not to love?

Amazing looking models with fantastic engineering in a small, easy to store/display/compile size means you can’t go wrong. I’m still all hot and bothered after the RG Unicorn so while a custom Zaku II may be a little bit more subdued I know I’m in for a good time. For the first of what is sure to be at least a few custom Zaku II Bandai has chosen to go with the MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II.

There have already been two Zaku II in the RG line, the Char’s Zaku II was the second release in the line and the regular MS-06F ZAKU II (which I have yet to put together…) We can expect a lot of similarities but quite a bit of time has passed since that first Zaku II RG kit and it will be interesting to see what is new. Well, the stickers are new.

I think at this stage the only way to see what is new will be to look at the runner designations.

In the first bag we have…

A regular Zaku A runner.

And a new runner designated MS-06R.

The other runner bags seem to work the same way.

Standard Zaku parts.

And these things.

Frame and weapons.

The Real Grade frame runner, the mighty B!

Flip that bag over and you have two new runners.


The bazooka is all new? For this RG kit? Nice!

I see you there.

Here we see distinctive custom Zaku II parts.

Flip the bag over and see all new frame parts.

Mandatory manual shots.

Looks like it will be fun.

As I’ve mentioned, both here and in the RG Complete Project, I’ve a MS-06F Zaku II kit that needs to be built so I have the ability to compare this newest RG kit to its older predecessor. I don’t think I’ll build both at the same time but I’ll pull out the manual of the F and try to compare as I go.

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  1. UrielVentris says:

    I love the Zaku II but man do those little plastic pipe sections hurt my giant fingers to put on; both in the MG versions and the RG. That’s the only part that tempers my excitement for this kit. Also as a side note is it just me or does this look more like the psycho zaku than the actual MG Johnny Ridden’s? Not that I’m complaining or anything. Now to wait the extra weeks because American Gunpla is sooooo slow.

  2. tim ong says:

    i hate how they made the backpack red thing a sticker 🙁 just one extra red piece and they decided to just use a sticker

  3. Sablenk87 says:

    The box-art is different,the close-up head has taken in different angle than zaku ii/char’s, also i love how they put action pose rather than normal standing pose we used to have in RG boxart. I believe it’s still the older zaku in and out, except for the backpack and lower legs armor.

  4. Raom says:

    Nice post, Syd!

    The first time i saw this new model, it reminds me of the first RG i have, that Green Zaku which is broken by now on that Mighty B Runner’s leg parts because of reasons. That incident makes me terrified to try another RG lines. But because of this new model, i might be throwing myself into the same hole, testing wether i competent to build another RG or not (lol).

    Anyway Syd, Can you compare the red color to any Psycho Zaku’s red? just curious tho

    oh boi the new RG lines box are having different pose!

  5. Earl G. says:

    I love how they put the J. Ridden custom leg parts on the J runner.

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