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I’m so excited to get started on the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) that I almost forgot I don’t have much free time in which to build this scale of kit. Probably that is a good thing. If I remembered I didn’t have the time I would never start on it. And I’m glad I did! The original plan was to use the few hours I had on the weekend to pound out as much as possible but I decided the Friday before to do some ‘prep’ work and assemble the stand. Even that took some time. Here is what I would be working with for the stand.

The LED power box for this is different than that of the Unicorn and Banshee PGs in that it has an extra wire. (!)

It is still powered by 4 AA batteries like the previous LED set.

I went out and picked up some good Energizer batteries. I had previously purchased Ever Ready but they didn’t even last in my digital camera when I took pictures for the ZZ Ver. Ka review. I am not happy with Ever Ready right now.
Drop your batteries in now before you get everything assembled.

This kit still only has the On/Off switch and one button.

I wonder how it’s going to work.

At the end of the extra wire is an interesting looking connection. You’re going to start the assembling around that.

Bend the smaller part you connected at the top.

And run the wire through there.

With the wire sealed in there you’ll add some hooks onto the part where the LED is now housed.

With the other wire you have to, guess what, run it through a plastic part. This part is much bigger.

And you have to be mindful of the length you’re putting in, or rather, not putting in.

You need to leave 18 cm of wire out before running the rest through that large part. Luckily the manual gives you a ruler!

I put a short video of running the wire on the Gaijin Gunpla facebook so you can check that out there.

Place that plastic part into this huge plastic piece.

There are a couple ugly nubs on there.

I like the details such as the piston.

So you should have this.

And then you’ll run the second wire in there.

Check Points!

I think I did okay.

Add a part at the top.

And another at the bottom.

Now attach the LED connection holding arm.

Why are my wire lengths out the bottom not the same?

That made me worry a little.

Here’s the matching monster part that will go on to clamshell that whole thing together.

Make sure when you put that whole thing no that the pegs on the small parts are lined up properly.

Now bend the smaller arm inwards towards the base.

And close it up.

The clasps then close to hold it there.

Now you are ready for the biggest piece of all.

Slide the arm into the back of the base.

Thread the battery pack through from underneath.

My differing lengths of wires don’t seem to be a problem.

You’ll lock down the arm into the elongated position.

You’ll be left with this open space.

It’s quite tall.

Pull the wires underneath so nothing sticks out the back.

Now you can put the cover on over top of the battery pack.

Position the wires in their grooves on the underside.

Now you will cover up the exposed portion of the arm using this part.

It goes on from the side and then slides down.

Another piece goes on the back.

Now you have a completed stand and can start working on the Exia.

That took longer than expected but it did clear up some space inside my PG Exia box because I won’t have to put these runners back in there.

But before I throw them away I should remove this part.

After all that I can now begin the Exia. Which will wait a couple of days when I have a few hours to myself.

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  1. Dylan says:

    Did you paint or coat your stand?

  2. evora460 says:

    It’s too bad that even the PG has limited articulation in the hips. I know it’s small but not being able to do the splits annoys me for some reason.

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