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(The first time since the very beginning I’ve had to go with a different font. That’s what happens when you go from Mac to a Windows 10-running, I7-7700 processing, GTX 1060 rocking, 2 TB gaming laptop. I’ll get used to it.)

2018 will not be anything like 2017 for me. It won’t be much like 2016, 2015, 2014, or all others for that matter. This is the first year I’ll be beginning in Australia after 12 years in Japan and (blank) years before that. (Not gonna give away my age… ha)

No longer am I in the birthplace of Gundam, working for a company who sold them, and employed to do that and make videos about them. That definitely means I don’t have the access I used to but it hasn’t dulled my enthusiasm for it. I may not be able to build at the rate I previously was able to but I still have that fire. Fortunately, there is a great community here in Australia where I can share and enjoy the hobby with others in relatively close proximity to me. I’ve joined the Gunpla Builders Australia group on facebook and even was invited to their Christmas Party 2017.

There I met a lot of great people and probably drank too much. Actually, to be more accurate, there I probably met a lot of great people and drank too much. There are parts I don’t remember. Mostly involving Karaoke.

I was a little nervous going to this event because outside of the host I had not met anyone there before but most of them knew who I was. It was good to see these really great modelers being so down to earth and approachable. Several came up to me to introduce themselves, welcome me to the country, talk about Gunpla, down a shot of Soju, and often take a picture with me. I’ll share one I took with this year’s Gunpla Builders World Cup Australia winner.

This is the extremely talented Kirin Han who won on the strengths of his magnificent PG Banshee which he did some incredible work on. I won’t post pictures because he deserves the traffic so be sure to check out his Han Made facebook page. Some mind-blowing work there.

He actually mentioned that only two years ago he had never built a Gundam kit but after discovering my build of the PG Unicorn on HobbyLink TV he went to his local hobby store and asked for the kit. Thus began more Gunpla greatness. Wait. That means I am the inspiration for a national Champion? The world is strange.

I’m excited to see what 2018 will bring in the world of Gunpla particularly in the Real Grade line as well as new MGs and the big August and December releases. I’m still working on the PG Exia, which is awesome, and still need to review the RG Johnny Ridden Zaku II. I should update my progress on the RG Complete Project so I can deny I’m not doing anything with it. I also want to dig out some of the many models I brought with me, both built and not yet built, and tinker a bit at my own pace and produce some more S2 models. I also need to get The Yellowbird, the Steingeese, the Musha Mk II and other kits I left in display cases back in my possession because I really miss them but didn’t want to risk damage or loss during oceanic transport.

Wow, 2018 sounds like it could be another busy one.

It’s a strange feeling this New Year’s season. I’m not in Japan so I won’t be getting New Year cards or eating end of the year noodles at midnigh. Nor will I be watching Kouhaku, the show where most major music artists perform until the clock strikes midnight. Instead I’m in an English speaking country where things should be easily understand and make sense and yet it feels more foreign to me than Japan at times. It’s like being in Canada at the end of the year except it’s summer time and no one is watching the World Junior Hockey Championships. Weird.

What’s everyone got planned, Gunpla-wise or other, for 2018?

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  1. 1/144 guy says:

    Happy New Year Syd!
    Similarly, I will be going abroad to study, and Gundam is almost non-existent there. But I will be back shortly, and then intend to celebrate myself with an HG Astraea type F. I am a fan of the RG line as well, but I found that HG kits can be just as good if we put in the effort.
    I wish to see the day when there is a world Gundam festival big enough for every nations to participate. Maybe we can even play that Gundam arcade combat game that mimics a real cockpit against each other.
    For now, let’s enjoy the Eve and the New Year to come. Great health and joy.

  2. UrielVentris says:

    My goal this year is to finish my complete painted set of MGs from the original anime. I own most of the kits just gotta get to work painting.

    I’m also hoping you’ll either start up a new channel, a podcast, or join an existing one because you were the first guy I ever saw talking about Gunpla on HLJ and I miss hearing your opinion on things.

  3. Paul Emical* says:

    My new year’s resolutions for gunpla are easy: trying to reduce my backlog!
    I keep buying more kits than I am able to build, but this year I want to change that!
    I started by helping my youngest son in building his first MG, the Banshee.

    Life-wise, in 2018 the mortgage on our house is finally endind, so I can finally start chipping off at the ton of other things we’ve been planning for our nest, like:
    – finally completing our (micro-sized) wine cellar (almost 5 years in the making)
    – buying the pool table we’ve wanted since forever

    I hope to achieve at least one of the two, but since life happens, you never know… 😉

  4. SUSANOWO says:

    Planning on getting a Zaku 2.0 and try a full paint job (with my custom color scheme).

    Also want to buy the TIE Striker Star Wars plamo (does this count as Gunpla).

    On another note, did you see the MG Deep Striker? Looks really cool, but it’s out of my price range.

    BTW, I need modeler’s advice. Am I supposed to wash the parts before using paint? Depending on the tutorial this step is included or omitted.

    Happy 2018 from Canada!

    • QUANTA says:

      You can, and it’s preferable, but most of the time I just prime and paint and it all turns out fine. Older kits might need it though, I’m not sure about that

  5. Naoto says:

    Are you going to the Gunpla Expo in Chatswood? Also, Happy New Year from a sydneysider in the Philippines!

  6. Changingman72 says:

    Happy New Year!

    As you may have heard, Canada won the WJHC again this year!

    I didn’t get to build any gunpla this year, but I am hoping to return to the hobby with the Deep Striker. Go big or go home,I say.

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