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I was just pondering how in the land down under it doesn’t really feel like Christmas. You see Santa Claus’ image everywhere but there is no snow in those pictures. Despite all the changes I’m experiencing I can always tell it is Christmas season because Bandai releases their big kit for the year and this year the big kit is indeed a big one. A Perfect Grade! We aren’t always graced with a PG at the end of each year but we are this year and it’s the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model). Yes, I was one of the lucky ones to get the Lighting Version of this kit. I’ll talk more about all that shortly.

Did I mention I love Perfect Grade releases? I think I might have mentioned it before. Those things I wrote for the PG Unicorn, two years ago now, still apply. I love the engineering and I love the presentation. Let’s get into the latter right now by showing you the box.

Love the box image they have here. The Exia looks fantastic. It may not be my favourite suit from 00 but it’s looking good all over this box.

The back has some interesting images and info.

There is the Lighting Model information right there, glowing in front of my face.

I’ll also show you the top.

And when you open the box…

Good god, it’s definitely a Perfect Grade. Look at everything!

Of course, my eye is drawn to the smaller box inside the box.

I’ll save this for last.

Underneath that box is another box?

Nope, it’s just a cardboard insert used to hold things in place. Underneath it was, surprise!, more parts.

So. Much. Plamo!

Let me put large images here to stress that further!

I just don’t have the time to open every runner bag and go through them one by one but I did snap some photos of what I thought interesting as I was unpacking the box.

Here is the WD runner that looks like it’s GN Blade parts.

Not plated?

This runner looks interesting.

This looks to be the clear parts that will go over the LEDs.

I found more!

And look at the base!

Bandai even made an all new stand for this release. Bravo!

And here are the markings.

But this is going to ruffle some feathers, perhaps.

Stickers. Already there is some commotion on the internet about the markings being stickers but I am all for it. Some modelers just don’t have the time, skill, or confidence to put on waterslides. I got a hold of the PG Unicorn waterslides and put them on and now I’m afraid to play with the kit. The risk is too great. It looks amazing but I just look at it. My PG Norn has stickers and I don’t have to be cautious with it. The RG kits look great with only stickers. Still, those people speaking their opinions have a point. In a release this big, why not include both? Heck, the Star Wars kits have both. Anyway, to further rile people up here’s the insert for the P Bandai Repair set.

Waterslides are in that set?

Actually, all that’s listed are various body parts, the cape, a GN Sword, and an LED for the head. I guess that we have to wait a little longer for decals.

PG manuals are awesome and by awesome I mean just look at this.

And now with English!

Runner list.

This illustration is pretty cool.

And they even tell you what tools you’ll need.

Only two? I usually run with two but it’s the nippers and the design knife. Tweezers are backup.

Lots of red squares!

And the gimmick page.

The GN Drive can mount on the stand outside of the Exia.


And you can put stuff on the underside of the base.

Including all of the weapons!


More full-colour manual pages.

This one explains the Lighting.

That looks crazy.

And here is the crazy GN Drive image.

Lastly, the marking guide.

Even the base has markings!

That closes the book on the manual.

Now for the Lighting portion of this writeup. Yes, this is the Lighting version and it is pricy however if you don’t want to drop something like 400 bucks you can get the regular version which while it may lack the LEDs still will be the same amazing model with Bandai’s fantastic engineering. You’ll also save yourself a lot of cash as that version is almost half of the Lighting Model.

If there are people out there who were considering buying this kit but didn’t know what the LED lighting entails here they are.

When you slide this out of the box everything falls out all over the place.

Here’s the battery pack.

Look at these connections!

They appear on another section as well.

This must be the GN Drive.

And you get this handy tool as well.

I don’t have much free time to build kits these days but I think come Sunday I’ll have a portion of the day to myself. PG Exia Lighting Model marathon?

I think so!

This guy thinks so, too.

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  1. Danforth Vista says:

    this PG is insane. i never thought those leds will much more that the regular ones they had released. explains alot why this one costs almost double than the regular PG exia. can’t wait for you building this one!

  2. Sablenk87 says:

    I see, from the look of it, we might not have a rotating gn drives like in the PG 00 raiser instead we are having rotating led lights or just lights up for this gn drive. I love 00 riser gn drive.
    With almost half the price difference, I definitely buy the regular.

    • harrybr says:

      The GN drive will be rotating too. 00 Raiser GN drive hava the rotating sound, but Pg Exia gn drive changing to ratating light. and the light also will changing color too!!

  3. Jiun Kit says:

    Hi Syd, are those runners come with undergates?

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