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The worst (I think, best) is over now that the legs for the MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II are completed. I just need something to connect them to and, um, the rest of the Mobile Suit.

Being the skirt, the build is the same as the 06F however you go about it in a different order.

Prepare the B frame.

The 06F has you adding the parts to the front of the frame first.

But on the Ridden you’re working from the back.

Now to the front.

The layout on the pages of the manuals look almost exactly the same.

But wait!


It uses the B frame.


Uses parts from the M runner!

Once you have put together those M parts it drops onto the top the same as if it were the regular B runner part.

Interesting how things line up.

For the side skirts the 06F just attaches the armour to the frame.

But on the Ridden you have some extra parts from the M runner that need to attach to the underside of the skirt in order to get it on there.

And there it is.

I’ll just attach my legs.

Oh wait! I was supposed to plug the legs in first before putting the side skirts on. Oops.

Not my favourite set of Zaku II legs but still lovely to look at.

Now we can move to the upper body starting with the arms. Grab your arm frame.

Get it prepared.

We start the same way, with these parts.

Where the 06F had you put one armour part, G10, on for the shoulder…

…the Ridden has that one part made up of two smaller parts and it’s not handled at this stage of the arm assembly. The armouring of the upper arm is also done differently.

Here is the Ridden at this step.

And here’s the 06F.

Slightly different on the back of the arm.

When it comes to the armour for the side of the elbows, the Ridden design features more parts overall.



Those extra parts are a dark colour but are still found on the I runner.

Finally, add the back of the lower arm and the cuff.

And the manual states different things for the hands on each kit.



IF I recall correctly, wasn’t the 06F the first Real Grade kit to have moulded hand parts rather than just use the hands on the B runner? I think I’m right. The difference between these kits is the Ridden’s hands are on the M Runner but the 06F’s hands were on the D runner.

First arm is almost done.

They still use that tiny frame part that fits on the end of the arm and then is held in place when you push the hand on. Except it doesn’t actually stay in place. That could have been fixed on the new kit.

Once you have the arm done you then put on the armour at the top.

Now I’ve got the signature Zaku shield to assemble. These are different between kits but maybe it’s just colour?



Make two of these one of which is being used now.


Build your left arm. Err, your Zaku’s left arm.

Again slight differences.

You get to use these!

‘Yellow’, he thought.

Well, two legs, a skirt, and now two arms done. Next session I’ll hopefully get the body and head done which would leave only the weapons. I kind of feel the pressure to get this kit done and the WIP/Review finished because a bigger kit (understatement!) just arrived at my house.

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  1. D says:

    Great ! it tackles the issue in original zaku II for the side skirt dropping constantly!

    please do test whether the side skirt still drops easily or not.

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