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Being a Real Grade kit I am enjoying the MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II but I kind of feel bad for it as it comes on the heels of some amazing RG kits. I guess they all can’t be amazing so let’s be grateful for what we have.

Sitting down for my last build session I was determined to get the OOB done because if I stop and focus on my next project I may not be able to come back to Mr. Ridden for some time. Luckily I only have the torso, backpack, head, and weapons left. Wait, that sounds like a lot.

Note the difference in the new manual?



Now with outlines!

They both start the same way, though the manuals are spaced differently.

Maybe it’s to accommodate the English in the Ridden manual.

And the different armour colours on the Ridden mean new armour parts on the chest.



And a new backpack means a new armour part for the back of the torso.



Armour up the lower portion and front of the torso.

With that done we can focus on this all-new (?) backpack

That thruster design looks familiar.

Add the thick outer shell. heh

Then some trim.

An RG version of this backpack looks pretty good.


I should put on stickers now?

I guess it makes sense to do it now before the backpack goes on.

And speaking of going on we have those small pipe rings to do.

They give you a lot of extra sprue which makes it easier to handle but you’ll cut that off once the pipes are on.

And then you plug it into the backpack.

You’ll do that again for the other side and then put ready the final red parts for the torso.

Now you can join them together forever.

At this stage you have the entire body done.

And all that’s missing is the head.

The manual tells you to put the fin on last but I was imagining trying to hold a completed head while inserting that and so instead I put it on at this point.

More of those crazy pipes. This time, smaller.

Hold all those small things in place while sliding on the last tiny part.

There we go.

Still impressive, these Real Grades.

All that’s left are the weapons, three of which we’ve seen before in the previous RG Zaku releases. Let’s start with the Zaku Machine Gun.

That was quick.

Next the manual has you build the new weapon, the Giant Bazooka.

But I’m going to save that for last and do the Zaku Bazooka next.

That was quic Wait! Read that again!

The clear piece that is part of the A runner that goes on the scope of the regular Zaku Bazooka isn’t used on Ridden’s. You get a new part off the new N runner for that and the clear part is used on the Giant Bazooka instead.

Next the most challenging part of the kit, the Zaku Heat Hawk.

Or not.

Okay, now for the Giant Bazooka. This is all-new, baby.

All-new except for the clear part for the scope.

Clear Scope Stealer!

Here is the complete set?

After that you only have some hands to assemble.

And that wraps up the Ridden Real Grade WIP. Not mind-blowing like the recent Unicorn but more than enough to satiate my healthy RG appetite. I’ll try to get the review up soon but hopefully this weekend I’ll be ankle deep in a floor full of PG Exia parts.

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  1. Manpig says:

    This looks like an improvement over the original RG Zaku, love the way this kit looks as well. Can we expect a review of it eventually?

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