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It’s been some time since the release of the RG Char’s Zaku II and the quick follow up, the MS-06F Zaku II. Enough time has passed that I don’t remember all aspects of either and my WIP for the Char’s wasn’t too in-depth and the MS-06F was rushed through and never even got a WIP (which I mean to rectify as part of the RG Complete Project.)

So I’m not able to give an accurate list of differences between the previous RG Zaku and the MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Custom Zaku II but I’ll still do my best to be as informative as possible. I’ve pulled out the manual for the MS-06F and will be comparing it with the manual of Ridden’s Zaku.

I’ll keep the MS-06F manual on the left side at all times and Ridden’s on the right.

There are going to be major differences in some areas such as the legs, which is how the build starts, but other areas where we wouldn’t expect things to be different, should they be, I’ll point out so we all get a good idea what this new RG is all about.

I see differences in runner layout as soon as I flip open the first page of the manual.

And beyond that I see differences in manual layout on the first page of build instructions.

And looking at those first few instructions squares I notice a difference between kits already.

Here is the previous Zaku.

And here is the Ridden.

There isn’t a separate toe part on the new Ridden Zaku which means the frame will lay into the part like this.

That also means the top armour is different.



This could possibly be because they felt the toes of the previous Zaku came off too easily or the Ridden is heavier and needs more solid support at the feet.

Building the feet of the Ridden doesn’t take long at all.

The Frame on the Ridden is still the MS Joint 2 but, as we’ve just seen with the feet, Bandai is using it slightly differently. Cut out part B1 and prepare for the first leg.

Remember, always bend your limbs a bit to limber up before doing strenuous exercise.

The first part of the leg build is the same across kits.

Exept for..

There are no small round stickers on the sides of the knee belonging to the Ridden Zaku.

And the circular parts on the sides of the knee are different.

Now I have stickers that need to go on!

These things.

Ugh. You know these aren’t going to stay on when they bend around edges.

This is why I usually use a gold Gundam marker for those areas. Now if only I could find mine…

The Ridden now has you put on pieces for the top of the leg.

But that step came much later on the 06F.

On the Ridden you now get to take your nippers to that brand new black frame part runner, which is M.

You’ll put the larger frame parts down at the bottom of the leg.

And here is the front upper leg armour part on the Ridden.

This was two parts on the 06F.

And I have some thrusters to put together. Not put on. Put together.

Those small circle parts fit into the thruster bell.

Black on black is tough to see so maybe once I find or buy a silver Gundam marker I’ll touch those up. For now I’ll put them in their proper spots on the legs.

You can see space around the pegs that will need to be filled in to hold everything down.

That is the job of this part.

Now prepare the armour for the lower legs. Here’s one side.

Here is the other.

They then slide into their respective places.

The next step is to add some trim parts to the front.

I’ve got the front armour piece and a kneecap to go on.

Then to prepare the parts for the back.

You’ll put that on after this small black piece.

And right now you have a nize Zaku II Flight Type leg. With this you can have a Black Trinity RG Zaku. A Shin Matsunaga RG Zaku. I answer yes to all of the above! But you continue on and add these monster bell bottoms.

Mr. Ridden must have come of age in the 70s!

The first side sits on there until you can join it to the other side which is even bigger.

And there’s Ridden’s right leg.

Now for the piping on the side which actually is the same as that from the 06F, with the only difference being the shape of the part onto which the spring is attached.

I’ll just go ahead and do that.

Plug that in and there you go.

While repeating the build process for the second leg, before I put on the huge bottom parts I tested the amount of bend the knee has.

Not a lot. Luckily those large parts that go on last don’t affect the knee movement more than it is already.

So I’ve got two Ridden legs ready to go!

And a totally depleted K runner.

Guess I can throw that out. That seemed to go fast.

[Ninja addition: I should have my PG Exia Lighting Edition monday!!!!]

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  1. Kirky says:

    Awesome work Syd! Can’t wait for mine

  2. Raom says:

    I guess the color separation on the 06F zaku is what makes the parts separated like in toes or upper thighs.

    Since in 06R Zaku are whole red (and black), those parts are molded to one piece.

    But why, bandai?

  3. Danforth Vista says:

    i’ll be waiting for the lighting edition of your PG exia man. that will be the holy grail of the 00 series.

  4. Bocalt says:

    The previous kits could not stand properly. i’m hoping someone can confirm that the changes made have improved the overall balance.

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