Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got a full frame finished and on that I’ve got the body half armoured except for one area. The head. This will be the last part of my half-armouring stage for my 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model)

It goes without saying, however, that I can’t put half a faceplate on.

So I’ll put the whole thing there.

Next I’ll have to maneuver this small piece into its place on the cheek.

It connects solidly but it takes some work to line it up to get it to do so.

Like the faceplate, the part for the back of the head is one single piece.

Lay it on there underneath the clear green piece.

The armour for the side of the head is one large piece with some smaller parts inserted in before it goes on.

The first two parts go in on the inside and then you’ve got two more going on the outside.

Check out the connection there.

Even Exia’s ears move.

Putting that on there.

I’m leaving off the V-fin but I will put on the center piece for the top of his head. I’ll need to put a very small piece into one end of it.

That needs to slide into this.


I used tweezers.

So that gives me this.

And, more importantly, it gives me this.

What step will I do next?

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  1. Damien Payne says:

    After building the Exia, I just want to state how unnecessary the LED unit in the Biceps feels.

    And your build points it out perfectly.

    The Silicon from the shoulder pauldrons carries enough light to shine all of the “Condenser cable” all the way to the inner bicep.

    And you armor up the bicep so much that most all those 3 LED points in the wiring are virtually useless.

    I have to admit my temptation to strip back and bypass the wiring around the bicep LED piece just to confirm how little it is actually needed.

    Three small pieces of wire, expose all the wires on that arm and solder them all together.

    Although it would confer not benefit power wise, like I said, the bicep LEDs seem almost irrelevant.

    • Somayu says:

      I think that they will probably release a pbandai special coloring version with translucent armor which will showcase all the LED’s under the armor. 00 kits usually receive that treatment eventually.

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