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Perfect Grade kits quite often contain more parts than most other kits, except for perhaps some of the larger, more elaborate Master Grades. As such the builds can take some time. While the part count for the
1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) may not be as large as other PG kits it sometimes feels just as large. I think this may be because of how they’ve designed the build by having you build the entire frame and having it together before taking it back apart to add the armour. I’m almost done the first part with the head being the final frame section I have to assemble. That starts with the last LED (for the Lighting Model).

And the frame parts are found here.

You attach this to the LED wire in the torso and then build the head frame around that. This makes taking pictures somewhat more difficult than normal but I’ll try to get good images.

Seeing as I’m building this while it’s on the base let’s just turn it on for a moment.

Next you’ll connect one side of the head frame to the joint for the neck.

Plug that ball joint into the hollow at the top of the torso and place the LED inside the head frame.

You’ll need to position the LED and its wire correctly before you put the other frame part on.

Grab your (other) runner of clear green parts.

One of those clear parts will fit into the face frame.

I think these are the last of the clear non-coloured parts.

You will need a sticker for it.

Once stickered it goes inside the circular frame part that fits on the side of the head.

Repeat the process with the parts for the other side.

There is still more stickering to be done.

Cover up that sticker you just put on a clear part… with a clear part.

For this part.

You need to add some things.


Lining up can be tricky but once you pick an edge to focus on it should go into place relatively easily.

You then drop that on from above.

At first I thought I had it misaligned because I felt it needed to be pushed down further but despite adding some pressure it wouldn’t move any further and so I left it as it was and would determine if it was satisfactory by putting armour on when the time came.

More stickering!

That piece fits into the underside of the frame piece that runs down the middle of Exia’s head.

“” />

Frame complete!

Yes, it has no hands. I’ve left them off because I knew I’d only be removing them to start on the armour.

Which I will show next.

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