Gaijin Gunpla

Progression on the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) continues, though at a slower pace than I would like, but I do see an end in site as I’m putting the armour on after spending time with the frame and LEDs.

Next up:

That means I’ll be using red parts which are found on both A runners.

Oddly enough, because there are two A runner, there are two sets of waist armour parts. I don’t recall the Exia having two waists.

I’ll just use one of those red parts for now.

That was easy.

With the center block in place I have the front skirts to do next and those involve some frame parts.

You have to connect these together making sure your alignment for all three parts is correct.

You’ll then reconfigure this new assembly.

Now to what’s left of the J runner.

I think I can throw this away once I’ve used these.

Take one of those parts and clip the hinge assembly on.

Clips ons!

Once clipped on you swing the arm down.

Light gray piece from the D runner which is also dwindling rapidly.

Then the armour panels.

Repeat for the skirt for the other side.

Once done pop them in.

What’s this part for?

No, that is not an upskirt photo! (He doesn’t have his full skirt on.)

Now for Exia’s behind.

Line it up and slide it on.

Interestingly, this moves.

Will explain that later.

Much like what you did with the front skirts, the process for those on the rear is similar.

Clip. Clip. Clip.

Now the armour.

You’ll add some more frame parts to the one side.

This area will be used to house the weapon handles, if I’m not mistaken.

Sadly, finishing up the waist was as far as I could get at the time.

I wanted to keep going on to the legs but knew I wouldn’t have the time to get too far in. Runners went back into the box, the Exia back on his base, and the working area was tidied up with thoughts about when I could get back to it.

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