Gaijin Gunpla

Out of nowhere comes an entry in the RG Complete Project! Likely, everyone is waiting for more PG Exia Lighting Model, and that is coming, but I had an urge to do something a little different from that big monster.

I’ve been sitting on this kit for a long time. I keep talking about how much I love the RG GP01 Full Burnern but despite all that talk I haven’t done much with it since I reviewed it. Some of that is because I moved (twice) but it also has something to do with not being able to do what I want with the kit yet. I have an idea what I’d like to do in terms of painting or mods but lack the time, materials, and space for that.

However, I have two of them.

A friend of mine felt compelled to build one of his own after I gushed about it for a long time. Unfortunately, for him, he never finished it. Instead he offered it to me and I gladly accepted. So why not do a nice OOB build with that kit for the RG Complete Project? It will be a nice change of pace from the monster Exia and also give me a finished GP01 to display somewhere.

First step is to fish the parts, or most of them anyway, for one Full Burnern out of the box,

Let’s see if I can put it together without the need to look at the manual.

Just doing this reminds me of how cool the kit is.

And how great it looks.

Okay, now to take it back apart.

The builder of this particular kit wasn’t too careful when cutting off the runner so there are a lot of nubs that need to be tidied up.

After that, I can start applying panel lines.

Getting some practice before doing the same on the Exia.

RG kits have plenty of parts and numerous panel lines so just doing the legs takes time.

After the lower body is done it’s time for the top.

I always liked the GP01 head.

And the shoulders of the Full Burnern. So beefy.

It appears I’m missing a piece.

Looking through the box I cannot find it at all so for now I’ll use the one off the Fb that I built.

I did find these in the box.

I almost forgot where those go.

Right in those gaps in the shoulders.

With the chest and head done you’d think I’m almost finished with the panel line process.

You would be wrong.

That’s a lot of lines. I’ll get back to that next session.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Hello, Syd. I have some questions about panel lining:
    1) how did you remove excessive amount of ink from model? Some cotton swab or with enamel/acrylic wash?
    2) First question very important for me, cause I started to use tamiya panel line accent and remove it with enamel thinner and plastic start to crack in few places. What advice can you give me about solving my situation?

    • Jangothebluefox says:

      don’t use tamiya panel line accent on raw unpainted plastic. tamiya paint products aren’t made for bandai model kits.

      gsi creos products like mr color and gundam markers are specifically designed for bandai kits. you should use the pour type gundam markers gm301, 302, and 303 for panel lining. then clean up the panel lines with lighter fluid.

    • GunplaRob says:

      I’ve discovered that Mr Color Thinner by Mr.Hobby works perfectly for cleaning up ink and tamiya line accent from bare plastic. It’s a lot safer than using straight up paint cleaner, and helps smooth out the liner inside the panels too.

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