Gaijin Gunpla

After my last post for the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) there was a comment about the possibility that I had put the head LED in upside down. It turns out that comment was correct. Here is how it should look.

With that taken care of I can now move on to the

Armour! There are some things I need to do to prepare.

First, remove the GN Drive.

I like how it looks in there when the drive is out.

I am supposed to remove the hands as well.

Ha! I never put them on.

That means I can proceed to this nice blue runner.

I need the biggest part on there.

I’ll have to add some hinges.

Here is a list of the runners I will need for this armour process.

Notice how many are undergated. Nice.

A couple of those undergated parts are going on now.

It moves!

Now for some of the gray parts from the D runner.

You’re given instructions on how to position the LED wire.

There’s even space created just for that.

With the wire where it should be you can now place on the armour section you just assembled.

Now I need these three parts.

These will clip onto the clips that are already on there.

When trying to connect them I had one pop off so I connected it together first and then put it back on.

Now for a splash of colour.

Let’s see. I need two of these.

These go on the shoulders.

Prepare the armour for the bottom of the torso.

And grab a couple of red parts to go with that.

Looks like these are clipons.

Everything just clips on!

Next up, the chest plate. Place some white parts onto a ring of frame.

Then some more on another frame part.

Add some gray.

Oh. Clipons!

You’ll need to make a door of sorts.

That door will fit on the bottom of the chest plate while another blue piece goes on at the top.

You’ll also add the yellow fins at this point.

Fold down the blue armour you clipped on to the bottom of the torso already.

That should give you access in order to put on the chest plate.

Now for the sides. First put a couple frame parts together.

Add the blue.

Then more blue and yellow.

You’ll make a second for the other side as well.

There is an area on the top of the shoulder joint where you’ll plug the side on.

It doesn’t seem like much of a connection but it is quite secure.

This seems quite wide to me. So I squeezed it.

Well, the torso is done.

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  1. JOHANN Cleveland says:

    looks nice man ,i want to buy this along with the pg oo raiser. ooh u getting the new models coming out this year like the deep striker

  2. Nice title! Splash color reminds me of Magic: the Gathering.

    Anyway, looks like the gate placement is generally pretty good on this one. I mean, in addition to the undergates. Can you confirm?

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