Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, there is progress on my Work In Progress for the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model), it just doesn’t feel like it sometimes. I’m actually starting t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Or, at least, in various places on an almost fully armour PG Exia. I talk about progress being slow but I know once I’ve finished full assembly of this kit I’ll be a little sad that the journey reached its end. Maybe that’s why I built several Unicorns.

In the last post I showed how the armour goes on the legs. I’ve actually armoured just the one leg and the parts for the other are put safely away.

So now I’ll armour up one arm. I think most will realise what I’m going for here.

Like the legs you’ll start the armour process for the arms but building several small assemblies.





Not as many as the legs but a good start.

First thing to do is take a couple white parts and place them on the inside and back of the upper arm.

Grooves and slats.

You have one to place on the front as well.

That will cover up the LED!

I don’t know if I like that.

You’ll use two parts to cover the outside of the arm.

That covers up the LED, too! I am quite sure I’m not a fan.

The lower arm has interesting armour assemblies.

Notice how they join.

This slides on around the frame.

You’ll repeat that process with parts that are almost identical.

Then slide that on and squeeze that together.

More parts then fit onto the lower arm.

Now you can stick on the assemblies you put together at the start.

That’s the cuff.

And it should have gone on after this other part.

On the outer side you have put on the big one.

That leaves only the hands. I have three two choose from, at the moment.

He is looking more like his Exia self.

By now I think you can tell what I am doing with my PG Exia WIP. I’m armouring half of it and leaving the other half unarmoured. I used to enjoy doing this with some of my Master Grade builds. The frame is a really intriguing aspect of Gunpla to me so seeing the frame on one side and then seeing it covered on the other shows in one shot a lot of the complexity of a Gunpla build. I’ve still some building to do to complete my half-and-half. This guy needs a shoulder.

Here are the frame parts for that.

You’ll lay the smaller frame parts into designated positions before closing the whole thing up.

The first of the armour pieces goes on at the far end.

Then two more parts are dropped on from the top.

That leaves the sides and they are not symmetrical so first you’ll work on the front by putting small frame parts into a blue armour piece.

Note that there is a swivel in there.

You click that in place on the bottom of the one side and then fill the remainign gap with a last piece.

The process for the back side is similar though the part shapes are different.

And you’ve got that one black piece, the sabre handle mount, to insert.

Getting the completed shoulder onto the Exia involves lining up the connecting piece.

Align it near this gap in between the frame near the body of the Exia and drop it over the very narrow plastic edge.

Almost (half) done!

Obviously, I’ve some parts to still add to the head but that’s coming soon!

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