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Armouring the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) is well under way and I feel I’ve done quite a bit but when I look at what needs to be done for the legs it seems like I just started.

Rather than just put armour piece after armour piece onto the frame, at this stage you are assembling smaller sections by the pair.

First of those is this one.

Onto that main frame piece you’ll clip on some smaller parts.

Then from there add red armour.

The next set of parts you’ll assemble also involve clipping on some small parts.

Is it just me or does it look like the heel section is flipping someone the bird?

Now I get to break into this runner bag.

Only one piece of which is used for each of this pair.

The largest parts you’ll use on the leg are next and those go onto equally large frame parts.

More white armour parts combine with small gray parts for the next pair.

Then a pair of kneecaps.

And we are still going.

And going.

And going.

I haven’t even touched the Exia yet.

Once you have all these done…

You can begin armouring up the right leg.

You’ll add white rings to both sides of the knee first.

Then pop in these parts.

I like the look.

Now for the two largest assemblies from the pile you just spent some time preparing.

The section for the back of the upper leg just slides on.

But you’ve got to clip on the front section before putting it into its place.

With the upper leg armoured you move all the way down to the foot and add the heel.

Then the front section of the foot.

White armour for the back and red for the toe.

Next, reverse that and put white on the front and red on the back.

Now for a flap.

You’ll need these three armour parts for the next area. Put on the largest one.

Put on the largest one then add the sides.

At the back of the leg just below the knee you will place a small off-white piece before adding a much larger piece of armour.

Then these.

The very small, U-shaped, parts go on the sides of the shin area.

After that the frame part goes on.

The armour for that piece consists of three parts.

Here are the armour rings that will go on the sides of the lower leg just below the knee, around the clear green parts.

The space in the middle of that ring on the inside is filled using this part.

Again, I really like the look of that.

The outside of the leg will see a clear green part fitted on.

From there, the knee cap and back of the knee sections are put on.

Then you’ll clip on the last of the pre-made sections to cover up the last area of frame still showing.

That is a very decent looking leg.

With the armour on the PG Exia is looking much larger than before. Legs have a way of doing that.

But that’s only the right leg. Exia has a left one, too. But instead of starting on that I turned my attention to this area.

Notice something missing?


Because reasons!

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