Gaijin Gunpla

I am leaving the armour for one leg and one arm unfinished for now because I want to move onto the weapons found in the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) kit.

I’m fairly certain that, by now, most everyone who is interested in 00 Gundam and/or the Exia knows what kind of weapons this MS has. Before I jump into construction I’ll pull out the runners I’ll be needing.

I think that’s the lot.

The whole process starts from making two handles.

Into those handles you’ll place some moving parts.

The majority of the length of the handles is found in the white pieces.

Join those together.

With two of those complete you can move on to…

A GN Long Blade.

You’ve got two long white parts which will go together after you’ve put a clear green part in the middle.

Then find this runner which, if you were being cautious, you had kept in its plastic bag secured in an area of the box.

You’ll have gate marks to carefully remove.

Then push them into place.

After that you’ll get the handle on there.

This involves more parts than expected.

And there you have it.

Now, with that second handle, you get to make the…

GN Short Blade!

The build is much the same.

GN Long and Short.

With those done you move on to the…

the GN Shield!

This will be big.

The first frame piece is quite large and you’ll be adding to it to make it larger overall.

See that green part? You need to sticker that.

With that part in place I’ll add the white armour.

This entire end section will expand.

The opposite end has a similar design which means sticker there, too. First up, a very small one.

Then the larger.

The white armour piece for this end has a frame part inserted into it.

Then connect that to the clear green part you just stickered.

Then place it on the larger frame part.

With both ends prepared you next turn your attention to the sides. More clear green and more stickers, one of which is quite large.

The second, though, is much smaller.

Lay that stickered green part onto a frame piece and then slide that into the blue armour.

Repeat for the other side.

Put them into their designated positions on the shield.

With both ends and both sides in place drop on a frame part that will hold everything together.

Now back to using some white.

The next white part will need a small frame piece inserted inside.

This gets dropped onto the middle.

And finally the last of the armour goes on the front.


But we need to be able to attach it to the Exia somehow. That’s where these parts come in.

Those combined join up with even more parts.

Plug that in and you’re good to go.

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