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I don’t power through builds like I used to. Mostly because it’s no longer my job and now I can take my time and build at my leisure. The flip side of that is I’m finding myself with less time to build or less time put aside to build. With the RG Banshee Norn in my hands I wanted to set aside a good chunk of time to put it together and what better opportunity than when I sat down to watch the Olympic Ice Hockey Men’s Semi Final matchup between my home country, Canada, and severe underdog Germany. Canada is the world’s number one hockey nation and Germany stunned Sweden to get this far. The Germans are just a temporary roadblock before Canada is playing for the Gold Medal.

RG Banshee and Canadian Ice Hockey Victory. Seems like a great night to me.

Game on!

I know that this kit will take a lot from the RG Unicorn and the manual has little X’s over the parts I won’t be using.

There are not many Xs at all.

My strategy on this build is to start with all the new stuff so people looking at this WIP can see first just how it differs rather than what is the same. I’ll start with the head.

That top armour part is new.

Not new, but in a different colour, the clear part for the sensors, which is now in red.

Four minutes in and Canada already with a quality scoring chance!

Nice save by the German goaltender whose name I can’t pronounce. He just delayed the inevitable, though.

As most know, the Unicorn horn and front headgear of the Banshee are much different than the regular version.

I’m going with the split fin on this build just like I did with the Unicorn. It worked so well there I don’t see a need to use only the fixed fin.

Now some penalties are being handed out. Canada had a short-lived powerplay but it looks like Germany will be moving to a powerplay of their own 5 on 3. Not worried at all.

The Banshee has it’s own gold facemask. I supposed I could use the black one that is on a runner here but I’ll refrain for now. Maybe some facemask swapping will happen down the line.

Goal! Wait, Germany goal?

It on a 5 on 3. Even for Canada those are difficult to stop. Still early in the game. Lots of time left. It’s only 1-0.

Anyways, here’s my Banshee head!

After the head comes the backpack and you’ve got to assemble the normal backpack first before Banshee-ing it up. You’ll be using the N runner for that.

Well, just these parts for now.

These replace those from the Unicorn.

This next part, the Armed Armor XC, features all new parts and stickers in several places.

The parts are moulded so you can see where to lay the stickers.

First period is over with Germany still maintaining a one goal lead thanks to their 5 on 3 powerplay. Now maybe I can use the intermission time to focus on this build.

Inside the stickered part you’ll place a small frame piece that will connect to the beam saber handle.

Place a clear orange piece onto a gold part.

Then lay that inside the part you just finished putting stickers on.

Add some blue parts on there.

You’ll be covering up most of that beam saber-holding part.

Join two frame part together.

Grab another large blue part.

You’ll be placing stickers on this one as well. Note, though that you place these into shallow area rather than onto protrusions like you did with the first stickers.

Two long stickers on this piece.

Another gold part with accompanying transparent piece.

Second period is under way. Will be interesting to see if Germany can continue to outshoot the Canadians.

Let’s put these gold parts onto the blue part.

You’ll end up with these two sides.

Join those together and attach your beam saber handle.

You have to poke it in there.

Here is the range of motion you’re given.

Four minutes into the middle period and there’s a second goal from Germany!? Was a nice shot, actually. Canada looks like it didn’t take this game seriously.

Still time. Games are 60 minutes long.

Repeat the process for the second half of the Armed Armor XC and then attach them to the…

What the hell!? Another goal by Germany! It’s 3-0 now and Canada looks overwhelmed.

There is still over half the game remaining but Canada is not looking sharp at all. This is getting ridiculous.

Where was I? Oh, yes. My backpack.

I like it.

That does it for the M runner.

Well, except for this guy.

The next part involves the attachment for the rifle.

Canada gets a powerplay. It’s now or never.

I’ll put the rifle together while cheering Canada to just shoot the damn puck!

Goal by Brule!

Good to see Canada get on the board. Still have an uphill climb, though.

Rifle for the Banshee is the same as the Unicorn.

Now you’re ready to add the launcher. The body of that is one whole piece to which you’ll add a much smaller piece.

You’ll insert a cylinder into the launcher then add the end to complete that section.

Now grab another new runner.

Lots of very small runners in this Banshee kit.

To mount the launcher onto the rifle you’ll need these parts.

The new apparatus is completed.

It mounts onto the body of the rifle with slots fitting into tiny grooves on the rifle that you didn’t even realize were there.

Oh! Too many men on the ice penalty for Germany. Canada is back on the power play. We can get one back here.

Let’s see the Canadian firepower!

(Pun totally intentional.)

Next up is the massive shield but I need to assemble the normal shield first. That shouldn’t take long.

Only four shots on that power play for Canada. Missed opportunity that may come back to haunt them.

You have the normal shield almost completed you need to add the parts that will attach to the Banshee in order to mount this thing. Those come from e a different runner!

They looked the same to me.

And now a power play for Germany. I don’t like this!

I’ll calm myself by looking at the sexiness that is the RX-0 shield.

Power play goal Germany! Patrick Hager puts them up 4-1!

We can now start calling this one of the biggest olympic upsets. Canada looks like they are playing not to lose rather than to win and that strategy is not working.

You’re really trying to suck the joy out of this build, aren’t you Germany?

Continuing on with the Armed Armor DE you take out this runner.

First part that comes off is this one.

And you need to sticker it. Not with metallic stickers, however.

They are suggested to be put on this way.

I changed the angle slightly to line up better with the contours of the piece.

And look at that. Canada’s goal scorer, Brule, is taking out his frustration by head-hunting.

I love hockey but can’t stand this type of play. That 5 minute major penalty and game misconduct ejection is sure to help your team come back. I think we now have our official scapegoat.

Choosing to focus more on this shield than a sinking Canadian ship I added clear orange parts to my just-stickered piece.

You have to pop these into their positions and the sound it makes when you do so was surprisingly loud.

And now for some purple.

Would we call that purple? Mauve?

You’ll insert two of these whatever-coloured pieces into more of the blue armour.

Canada kills off the 5 minute major penalty. That could be huge.

Those then pop on where the clear parts were placed.

This assembly then fits onto the bottom of the shield.

The second period ends, mercifully, but not before Germany rings a shot off the post. Yikes, Canada is looking done. C’mon! I’m feeling especially patriotic right now given that I’m in a new country (again) and am still getting used to things.

Here’s the big bottom (half).

I stopped for a moment during the intermission to grab a snack and hydrate myself, aka drown my sorrows in this new beer I had in my fridge. It had been 90 minutes since I started this build.


Third period is underway! I don’t know if I can watch this drubbing any more. Canada has just looked so flat. As if the expectations of hockey-mad Canada is crushing these guys under its weight. In 20 minutes it will all be ov…


Quick goal for Canada! The comeback has begun, baby! Lots of time left!

Now where was I?

A yes, blue and mauve.

Penalty shot for Germany?! Terrible call. This is where the dreams of a nation are officially crushed.

I’ll prep the small parts I need for this huge shield piece.

Save by the Canadian goalie! Aww yeah! Canada is riding the momentum now!

Please admire this huge piece of plastic.

And while you’re doing that I’ll just sit here a bit watching the Canadians buzzing all around the German net.

Okay, back to the fun. I’ve got a rather long piece which needs some clear orange attention.

And some smaller pieces that also need an orange counterpart.

Progress on this part of the build seems to be moving slowly. I guess that’s what happens when your attention is focused elsewhere.

Cross checking penalty by Germany! Canada has another man advantage. This could be an interesting finish.

Lay on the longer section and the smaller parts will snap onto the base that was assembled before that hugely important penalty shot save.

You have to line things up and push quite securely to get everything snapping into pl…


Derek Roy, former Buffalo Sabre, has a pass deflect in and we’ve got ourselves a one goal game!!


It’s destiny, baby!

So, you have to push things into place quite strongly.

Now you add some armour sides to cover up some areas.

This is gonna be sweet when it’s done.

This comeback is gonna be sweet when it’s done.

Now let’s put this new stuff onto that old stuff.

The top of the Unicorn shield fits into its respective area on the back of the large section of the DE.

A small piece goes on to secure it in place.

Canada back on the power play! Can you feel it?

Here’s my massive, untransformed, Armed Armour DE!

And here it is transformed.

Okay, that completes the new stuff, except for the collar on the torso. I’m just gonna sit back and watch the last few minutes.

Canada fails to score on the powerplay but pulls their goalie with just under two minutes left to get a man advantage.

Canada flying.

Germany calls timeout to try to gather itself.

Canada smells blood.

Wild scramble. Roy has a chance. Bourque has a chance.

C’mon guys!!!!

It’s over.

Germany, the Cinderella team to end all Cinderella teams, has beaten powerhouses Sweden and now Canada and will play Russia in the Gold Medal game while Canada will play for redemption and Bronze.

It’s backwards day. It must be.

The world is crazy.

At least this Canadian’s night was productive.

I’ll do this all over again tomorrow during the Bronze medal match against the Czechs. Don’t know if I can take it.

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  1. Dani says:

    Hy Syd,

    I think the hockey is more intense than the build…nice

  2. Michael says:

    Hah, by now you know that Germany was a tough nut. If not Gusev, they may have won the Olympics. And let me tell, you that would have stinked even more the way Russian team was prepared for these games.

  3. JY Ng says:

    Hi Syd,

    What do you think of the gold runners that Bandai used on the Banshee’s head? Because from the photos it looks like it’s similar to the ‘lame gold’ used in the RG Strike Freedom Gundam.

  4. Frankon says:

    I just imagined Syd. Throwing the RG out of window and shouting im done after that match ^^.

    Keep the spirit up. If not counting the hockey team that was the best olympic for Canada ever.

  5. Steven says:

    Thanks for the WIP and commentary Syd…it was like reliving some sort of Olympic nightmare…

    Was solidly entertaining though.

  6. canapla says:

    I was disappointed too that game. Why did the NHL not let their players go to the Games?

  7. Changingman72 says:

    Owners were also worried that their players would get injured.

    In short . .. . money.

    At least our hockey teams (I’m a fellow Canadian) went home with medals (bronze for the men, silver for the women), unlike our curling teams.

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