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When the RG Unicorn Gundam released we didn’t know this was coming. An RG release of the Bande Dessinee Version of the Unicorn Gundam, and a limited edition at that, wasn’t something I expected to see outside of P-Bandai. Well, I’ve got myself the Unicorn Gundam (Bande Dessinee Ver.) kit and will show you what’s inside. (You could probably skip this if you’ve see the First Look post for the RG Banshee.

Here is the cool, limited edition, red box art.

Opening up the box I see what I saw opening up the Banshee.

Some of it is even for the Banshee.

Markings are from the regular Unicorn release, however.

I guess the new stuff can mostly be found right here.

The Armed Armor DE.

At the bottom of the box I found the instruction manual which is also from the regular Unicorn kit and the instructions for assembling the bonus stuff, the DE, is an insert.

Oh, there are some new stickers in here.

There isn’t as much stuff with this kit as there is with the Banshee but I see they priced it the same, 4000 yen.

I guess an extra 200 yen for an Armed Armor DE is a pretty sweet deal. Makes the Banshee an even better one.

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  1. rg/hg lover says:

    I don’t get Bandai. They release the Unicorn, then they release the same one with additional accessories. Then later they will release this same Unicorn with LED. Why do they like to embarrass their early buyers that much? To get the best deal one must wait for at least a year for a perfected version of a kit.

    • Soundwinder says:

      I mean… exactly. It’s how they trick people into doubling down.

      I pity people who bought the first Hazel when the later ones come out with better colors and accessories.

      • Lars says:

        They have to design the kit with the tech they have at that given time. It doesn’t make the old kits worse.

  2. Canapla says:

    Nice. By the way, did you see there’s going to be a F91 2.0 and a Galbaldy!

  3. Casval Lofbrook says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I love my Unicorn, but I dont want to buy another one just to get the DE. Hopefully we get that, and fingers crossed, the full armour set as an add on later. Maybe even a regular release! Wishful thinking, I know…

  4. Ardhi says:

    Bandai seems too rushed to release RG Unicorn last year, that’s why they released the novel version with ‘limited release’ tag, after Banshee came with extra parts, hoping people will pay more for it.

  5. Carlos says:

    Hi, just want to know, other than the additional Armed Armor DE, is that the rest of the part is same with the original RG unicorn? (especially the original weapon & shield) Thanks.

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