Gaijin Gunpla

It’s time to get the rest of the armour onto my 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model). Currently, most of the armour is right here.

I’m doing this model as a ‘half-and-half’. For me, that means building it with half its armour on allowing us to get a good look at what it looks like with the armour on and off and I’m now working on the panel lines and stickers for the half the armour that has yet to go on. Once that’s done we will see half blank and half with the details added. Yes, I’m stretching out this awesome build.

This meant I had to go back and remove some sections of the armour from the waist.

In addition to the bag of assembled armour pieces I have armour parts that still need to be cut from the runner.

I’ll cut these off, trim off any gate marks, do the panel lines, and then add any stickers.

I also will decide what I want to do about the yellow parts on Exia’s cheeks. Do I want them clean or panel lined? Luckily I have enough to try both.

For the assembled armour sections I’ll have to do some disassembling in places.

First, the panel lines!

I don’t panel line everywhere, instead usually opting to panel line anywhere there is a recess and for the parts I’ve yet to cut off the runner I’m panel-lining as is.

Now let’s look at the marking guide.

There are a lot of markings to put on.

Lining up markings requires working in small spaces from certain angles so I cut some of the parts off the runners.

There are some sections, like the shoulder, that require multiple stickers.

And some are quite long, those for the ankles for example.

Trying and failing multiple times with these long, curved stickers I had to come up with a better method of applying them.

I cut them in half.

I’ll show the result later.

Some, though featuring several changes of direction, were easier to apply.

And some were quite small.

Really quite small.

Similar small stickers are found on the outside of the knee.

When I had finished with the panel lining and marking stickers for the armour I stopped what I was doing for the day and returned a few days later to start armouring up the other half of my Exia.

Begin the left leg!

It’s interesting to see it go together already detailed.

There were some areas where I wasn’t sure how the stickers were meant to be placed and wouldn’t be able to confirm it until the armour was on the frame so those stickers went on as the armour went on.

I came to the time when I had to choose which yellow cheeks to use.

I cleaned off the lined pair some more and then gave them a shot.

I also, finally, cut the V fin off the runner.

I didn’t, however, touch the GN Drive. That will need to be detailed separately as there are a lot of lines and small areas. I may disassemble it before I attempt adding the lines.

With the left side of the body panel-lined, stickered, and assembled I carefully put things back into the box until the next chance I would have wherein I could get some decent photographs.

I’ll show you soon.

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