Gaijin Gunpla

At long last, assembly of the 1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model) is nearing its end. In a way. Once everything is snipped off runners and put together I’ll still have markings and any other kind of touches I want to add to this excellent kit. But this post is all about the…

GN Sword!

That means I finally get to pull out this runner.

And grab the three smallest parts, apparently.

Those three pieces together will then drop into the large frame part of the shield.

Then swivel down the top of it.

Once reconfigured fold the bulk of it down against the shield frame.

Now for another, nicely detailed, frame piece.

You’ll be adding parts to this, both of which are meant to move afterwards.

Then connect all these frame contraptions together.

Now for some blue armour.

You are instructed to leave the frame open while you snake the blue part on.

I found it difficult to get both ends pushed together fully.

There are so many little pegs that need to be connected and I think if you’re not putting them in all together alignment in some areas is off.

Despite that minor inconvenience, it is still looking good.

You have a much smaller part for the next step.

It is meant to fit into this area.

Finish the front of the shield off by putting on the white armour part.

Now for what needs to go on the underside. Start with these.

This will connect to the underside of the shield via a small part that snaps onto the moving piece inside the shield.

Leaving that aside we start on another area of this massive thing.

You’ll put the to larger parts together and then insert the small piece which is meant to be a tab that flips out in order to plug into the hand.

I could not get the tab to flip out as it was caught on something. When I tried to use a little force with the end of my tweezers, the only thing that would fit into that small of a space, the plastic started to bend rather than that little tab coming out.

I jabbed myself with my tweezers!

I didn’t realize how deeply I jabbed myself until I saw this.

Blood on my blue jeans!

Quickly, I grabbed the only thing close that would allow me to continue on right there, mask tape.

That booby-trap handle goes into larger frame parts which also house a small, lighter gray, part from the D runner.

This light gray piece will slide out slightly and back.

Likely this is a locking mechanism to hold the sword open.

Speaking of sword, which is the sole focus of this post so I probably didn’t need to write that, here are the parts for that massive blade.

Put the frame parts together and then add the plated edges.

You then add some parts to the base of the blade.

And the edge at the tip.

At the base of the blade you attach this frame part.

This will flip over and lie against the blade.

To that you add blue armour pieces.

You now have to construct things from frame parts.

It is interesting to see how they slot together.

You’ve another to put together for the other side.

I should mention that it is easy to slot these together with one part facing the wrong way. Ask me how I know.

Now you can start putting the large stuff together.

Place the handle into the opening in the blue armour of the blade.

You’ll then add the frame sides that you just put together.

Oops, wrong way.

That’s better.

One more frame part is then added.

Finally, you add the shield portion to the handle.

Look at that thing!

And finally…

Handles for your Beam Sabers and Beam Daggers.

Each handle consists of five parts.

The tab feature is found on these as well.

There are hands for these as well.

I think all assembling is done! I’m quite happy but also a little sad.

With the building out of the way I move on to the stickers and panel lining.

That’s next.

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