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If you were following my last wip post for the RG Banshee Norn hopefully you weren’t as disappointed by the end as I was. Not to do with the Banshee, of course, but because of the result of the game.

One day after that disappointing result the Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Team was back on the ice to play for a bronze medal.

Their opponent? Only the Czech team which beat them in a shootout in the round robin earlier in the tournament. Flashbacks to 1998 in Nagano against Hasek.


My first session with the RG Norn was building all the new parts of the kit but there was one area with a some new parts that still needs to be done. The torso. Let me grab my frame.

I’ll be working slowly as I spend more time watching the last game the Canadians will play in the Olympics.

Go Canada!

The new stuff won’t go on until near the end so I proceeded to that point without feeling the need for photographs.

And here is a new part! Hint: it’s the gold one.

Then the new collar.

And that’s it.

See you, everyone.

Just kidding!

At this point we had a goal.

There was still a lot of hockey left so I pondered what to do with the kit while I continued watching the game. I decided to slap the head on my unfinished torso.

That does look pretty great.

Then it hit me. Why not build it like they have in the promotional images?

I have built a Unicorn RG before but not that way. I went for it.


It goes pretty quickly when 1)you’re not adding armour, and 2)you’ve already built the kit before.

The arms where just a couple frame parts with a psycho frame part slid onto the bottom. I did need to put an armour part on in order to get the hand attached.

Then I had this.

And shortly after Canada had this.

hums national anthem.

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  1. VolTek says:

    Sucks that a chance at gold turned to bronze but still a medal non the less, on a somewhat difrent note gotta say I like this style of posting.
    The Banshee is shaping up nicely cant wait for the next update.
    Also inclosing I might not be the only one that found the site via GunPla but stayed for the Gaijn (and his gunpla)

    So Syd keep it up :3

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