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Managed to secure myself a couple hours of free time which should give me enough to make a dent in the Plan 303E Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel). Just how much of a dent remains to be seen. This MG kit is without peer. We haven’t seen something this size in the MG lineup and I doubt we will again for a long time.

It will definitely be an experience.

I’m getting flashbacks to the HG Neo Zeong.

Like some Perfect Grade kits the assembly begins with a Display Base.

The parts for that are found in one very large bag.

My first snip will be the simplest.

Not all parts are coming off the two runners in the first bag I opened. I’ll need this runner as well.

I think I have what I need to get started assembling the MG Deep Striker (stand).

Self explanatory. Lay parts inside on of the long pieces and close it up.

Plug that into the base.

Make sure you push it in completely otherwise you won’t be able to get the next part fully in place.

This also needs to be pushed down forcefully.

Now dig out this runner.

Two parts from there act as braces for the main arm of the stand.

They will sit like this until another part slides on to pin them in place.

Next up, this odd looking piece that attaches to the end of the base.

Need these two identical runners.

But only two parts from each.

These will plug into the ends of the part you just plopped onto the base.

And there you have it.

The stand for the MG Deep Striker.

Next up.

Booster and Waist Units.

Manual says I need these runners.

Found the white ones!

Normally, I try to dig out the runners I will need before I proceed with a section of a model.

Good enough. (I don’t have enough space on my kitchen table/accompanying chairs.)

Starting off building at x 2.

Not twice the speed, just twice the assembling.

There are two of the parts on the first runner I grab.

Often when doing WIP posts for x 2 building I show the built one on the left side of the image with the parts for the other on the right side. These assemblies are too big for that so, for the most part, I’ll only show one from here on out.

You use some interestingly-shaped white parts to connect the first assembly with a large frame piece.

It takes some force to get the second white part on as you don’t have the space to use your thumb of fingers. I used the end of my tweezers.

Then add a covering frame part.

Build a casing around the lower frame part.

There is some hinge action here.

But oops! I forgot a part. Parts separator to the rescue!

A small part is needed to fill a hole in the side of the frame casing.

Before I fix the second one…

Now to add the part that will connect this monstrosity to the, um, larger monstrosity.

Cover up the adaptor with a white part.

This part is listed as number 5 but there is only one number 5 on each of the runners whereas all other parts had two on each runner.

All will reveal itself in time.

I now have two fully completed, um, these things!

Moving on, I focus on the Right Booster.

Grab this runner.

It’s easy to find with the massive parts on there.

Likewise for the white one.

Grab a fuel tank.

Plug it into a large frame part.

Cover up with an equally sizable white piece.

The connections are quite large and not easy to see given the contours of the pieces involved. You’ll know it when you got it.

Now for this larger-than-the-others frame runner.

Fortunately, there is only one of this runner. A small part is used on the inside of a larger part.

Here’s an idea how big this white part is.

Slap this onto what you’ve got assembled being sure to line up all connections correctly.

Add a frame part on the front and a white part to the underside.

Take one of the assemblies you put together at the start of this marathon and add some trim to one side.

To the other you’ll connect that fuel tank assembly.


And I’m still not done!

Add more frame parts to the bottom.

Then add your thrusters.

Line them up properly which is easy given the size of the parts you’re working with.

Now these smaller runners.

Orange and silver!

And you just need one part from each runner.

Sandwich that piston between two frame parts.

I check the movement before I proceed.

Add two frame parts to the end.

Next you’ll make two of these.

All of these are now plugged into the bottom of your booster unit.

The connection is a ball joint but the fit is quite tight and there isn’t a lot of movement once they are pushed in.

One side done!

Now for the left Booster.

Here we go again!

I’m just going to cut off any part I recognize at the start rather than fishing through the box of runners for them.

Hope I don’t miss one. Wish me luck.

–some time later–

No problem.

I was prepared to stop there after a couple hours of work but then I noticed I can get these onto the stand in the next few steps so I pushed on.

Yes, these will connect to the Waist Unit which is just these two parts

Put that no the display stand and attach the boosters.

The tanks will sit in the holders on the end of the display base.

It feels like I did a lot!

It feels like I have so much more to do!

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  1. irfan adnan says:

    That is one HUMONGOUS kit! Question is, how does it compare with Mechanicore’s? Anyway, great progress!

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