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All I have left to do is put the armour parts on my RG Banshee Norn and I’ll have another completed RG kit. Well, another one that will need stickers to be complete.

I’ve got the new stuff and the frame all finished.

So it is time to add armour. I could put it on as is but it’s probably easier to take the Banshee apart a bit for ease of handling.

First, the feet!

Remember, the manual has you assemble one leg at a time.

I am going to wing it and try both at the same time.

I’ll need to position some parts a certain way to make getting the parts on, out of order, a little easier.

You are supposed to add this part when you’re building the ankle onto the foot.

Wingin’ it!

That was quick.

Next, the torso.

I’m not taking the arms off so I’ll pop off the forearms in order to slide the torso armour parts on.

No problem.

Then I can add the armour for the arms.

The shoulders have to be constructed in their entirety because I haven’t touched anything to do with them so far.

And that’s it. I’ll slap the two halves of the body together, put on the backpack, play around with the weapons, and write a review.

Then he can take his place in line in the RG Complete Project.

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  1. huey says:

    Hey Syd,

    I built the RG Unicorn and since this is pretty much the same kit, I have a question. How do you build the Shoulder so that it can be fully closed? I have my Unicorn in Destroy Mode right now because I can’t seem to close that area completely.

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