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Here we are. The last WIP post for the Plan 303E Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel). Hard to believe we are already here. Okay, in my prime I would have built this kit in a day but things change, including life and obligations, so pounding this out in four posts is decent, if I do say so.

There are only two things left for me to build. The first, and by far the coolest, is the…

It even sounds coo!

I”ll need this runner, filled with huge parts.

First off, I’ll grab a couple parts from there and a silver piece.

The silver piece lays inside of the larger white part.

Even though this won’t move at all, and is only for appearance, I am a little disappointed that it is only one piece and not one silver piece along with a corresponding red part.
It looks like some of it will be visible so the red would probably have looked better.

Add a frame part and a white part.

Now you’ll grab another piece that looks almost identical.

There are some nubs you need to cut off and, huh, an undergate?

That’s an undergate.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the only undergate I’ve seen in this build so far. Weird.

Grab a long frame part and plug it into one of the sides you’ve assembled.

Then slap it around the Deep Striker.

There you go.

Leave that there and grab another large white piece and some frame to go with it.

And, look!, a piston that is one part silver and one part red.

This won’t move at all but looks good. Add frame parts to both top and bottom.

Now for more circles (and something that comes between them).

Notice how the peg is molded at an angle?

Back when I was building kits OOB with a mind to come back to them later to paint/modify I would cut the pegs like this so pieces would come apart easier. The added benefit is that they are easier to put together, too.

The frame part needs two stickers.

Lay that frame part into the red circle. Easiest way is to line up the ridges around the edge of the frame.

Looks pretty cool.

Add clear parts.

Looks even cooler.

This will attach to the large section, with the sexy piston, you just assembled.

Place this whole thing on from the top.

I was having problems getting it on. I found I needed to make sure I had the assembly onto which it goes pushed together completely. Even so, it seemed I hadn’t gotten it down all the way. Further inspection revealed it to be correct.

Now push that out of the way because you’re going to need space.

Lots of it. You’ve got the world’s longest clamshell connection. Once that’s snapped together along its full length you’re left with gaps.

That’s where these come in.

They are all the same but they aren’t symmetrical.

You’ll need to make sure you’re lining them up correctly when you’re pushing them into the gaps. It’s a fool-proof design, for the most part, but it does leave you with a seam line that doesn’t line up with the seam lines of the white parts.

A red sticker goes on at the base.

Now I get to touch this runner!

Grab one huge piece, plug in the ridiculously long barrel, and add another long piece just for good measure.

I wasn’t sure how that skinny white piece connected then I noticed three little pegs.

Here is how it lays in there (photo taken of it turned around so it leans towards camera).

This is ridiculous.

Now for more pistons.

This lays inside the body of the cannon.

A frame part is added at the end.

Here you’re instructed to put together some fairly sizeable frame parts.

This little piece is interesting.

From there it looks like something we are very familiar with, however turning it to the side you see it is asymmetrical.

Oddly enough you’re instructed to plug that very small length of peg in first

Then close it up.

It, too, is added to the end of the cannon.

This is getting crazy.

Close this baby up.

Going along the length of it you’ll hear snap, snap, snap, snap. It’s very satisfying. Once you’re sure you’ve got every peg connected you have to join the long thin part to it at one point towards the barrel.

And I’m done!


Okay, make two of these.

Interesting detail moulded into these parts.

You’re instructed to use these.

Wrap it around the circumference of that detailed area and..

Ohhh… It’s one of those stickers you have to bend around the curve of a part. Really? On an MG?!

Even though I’m satisfied with the job I did there I’m not pleased at having to do it.

Now repeat three more times.

So where to do these go?

See the very right of the image? Right there.

More pistons!

This slides up into the frame base and the ends of the pistons will plug into those things you just put on.

Seems like a gap there. I guess I have to line up the orange part better.

A frame part then slides up securing those pistons in place.

Two of these.

Go here.

And this.

Goes here.

Now you’ll need these two parts.

Insert the red part through the middle of the white one.

This comb then slots into the frame part that looks like it’s meant to hold a comb.

Oh, the red part is hollow on one side.

Never mind.

That white part covered it up.

So ridiculous.

In a good way.

I was tempted to carry it around the apartment pretending I was playing Call of Duty.

Maybe I did.

You’ll never know.

When you do connect it to your Deep Striker you line up these three holes with the proper pegs.

Crazy. It goes forever!

Remember that wire with the shoelace around it?

We are finally getting back to it. It plugs into the end of the frame base.

That is very untidy. Let’s clean that up.

Now it looks like this.

Not happy with the wire touching the side of the cannon so I’ll adjust that.

Let’s stop for a moment and just take in the massiveness of this thing.

I can’t even get it all in the shot! Let me try again.

Remember when we were all excited at the size of the MG The-O. Bah, poor little O.

Okay, last part!

I find it humourous that it just says ‘weapon’ but right below it names the weapon. Beam Smartgun. Did we need both of those descriptors?

Anyyways, I get to pull the last runner out of the bag.

Grab some long parts.

You’re adding the handle and the poly-cap parts here. Interestingly, the handle doesn’t swivel.

The poly-caps squeeze in together at the end.

Two more long parts and a poly-cap are then added.

Is that a gap?

Add these then.

Easiest way is to line up the tab and slot at the end.

The ring slides over the end.

Now for the scope.

You’re meant to add a sticker to the scope but I like the look of it as is.

Now you make this thing.

And around that add more parts.

You can see it extends.

Scope goes on the side, extending arm goes on the bottom.

Small parts fits in at the top.

Another part plugs in near the barrel and then flips down.

Almost there.

Put these together.

This will plug into the extending arm on the bottom of the weapon and one small part will allow it to attach to the side of the Deep Striker.

I plugged it into the Deep Striker first and then extended the arm to connect it to the weapon.

You then put the handle into hand of the Deep Striker.

Look at these two roomies.


And also a little strange, the amount of parts left over!

Just what is this thing?

I guess the review will answer that.

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  1. UrielVentris says:

    That thing is absurdly large. I actually just ordered one for myself so something to look forward to! On a side not your photos are amazing. What are you using to take them?

  2. LusatR says:

    Thanks for the WIP Syd, the commentary is always very entertaining. The red stickers that curve around surfaces, not so much.

  3. Dizz says:

    It’s faster and less complicated than i thought it would be for the price point, it’s only a little more complicated than sazabi or nu ver.ka from what i see in your WIP, but it majestically make up for it with its sheer size and coolness lol.

    Maybe it’s more complicated if i built it myself though.

  4. Noah says:

    That thing is a beast! however, shouldn’t master grade have more inner frames built inside it? I notice that there are less inner frames on this kit.

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